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Carruthers adjustability on to come in and they talk about beer with you is three one two nine eight one to seven two hundred different styles as John said walking us through the the I'm going to mess up your eye to the prairies of classic beers is a version fields of adult beverages a lawyer for this poetic he's really looking you're married yeah well no I think you know you get that kind of silver tongued devil moved to you we're going to walk a woman through fertile fields classic beverages I love it so we are talking good to us follow Giada UT Chicago the see more of his silver tongued droppings and Instagram or Twitter and Jesse is Jesse ma'am B. Q. on Twitter and it's of course a goose island dot com and read brewing dot com we're talking about adjuncts we're taking we're taking ingredients and as I always say I think brewers are have lunatic half mad scientist because who else would think of some of the things that we're going to talk about being in beers going in beer what was it weird how did this start how did the adjunct star because we know about you know we you guys have talked a lot about barrel aging in that price and how that kind of got going goose is starting that in but how did you know like all right one of the beers will talk about later has Raman noodles yeah to be for those as a surprising to us is to you okay was there a point where somebody do you do you know who like the first person was it added something crazy your how did this all begin so we're talking about this and some of it is is calculated so like you know I'll see like Bourbon county stout the base fear that we put in those barrels is made a certain way and if you drink it without it being barely just got a whole different flavor right right once it's barely aged your your point always differently from the from the barrel so then you have that beer and you add ads on so like what we do is we try to complement the flavors that are already naturally coming out of that would okay so some of that is is natural you know it's like you add vanilla vanilla is in that would all right you know like Ross this if you like coffee it all makes sense but then you get other people are doing crazy stuff like in a pickle Cezanne puts pickles and beer that deal yeah the Mars made that deal Berliner voice yeah and it tastes exactly go what it promises like you know to your to your payroll so there's I know there's a lot to drink pickle juice I was pretty I I didn't hate it Justin the salt something too yeah I get no went when a brewery decides do this they're doing this on a very small scale right he you might have an idea go all right we're gonna do I don't know what you guys here how many barrels of day or up very well or do they just if it's packaged meant you know yet twenty first amendment out of San Francisco that hell or high water text of his great delicious refreshing summer beer that such a large scale peering at the coast to coast at the national did it so I was a tiny batch to see of it and had it right so that's that's what I'm saying you can is it is it hard for a brewery of goose a revolution size or even even a medium size brewery in town if they have an idea like this is it hard to just brought a small batch resent is at an easy and easy for you can do like we have like a little a two barrel system that's our pilot system okay could do stuff there's a lot of years that like if you guys ever come by I'll take you up says the taptic in his peers that might that might never see the light of day okay like experimental beers but you know it the beers that were drinking these guys made a big enough batch where they spend money on canning you know labels so that's not cheap and you wouldn't do like a small town barely bachelor you're talking like twenty three barrels yeah I have to take issue with one thing you said though thing we're drinking because we're obviously not we're doing a lot of talking what where to start let's get to first so since we are over I put a couple just because we've got a lot of crazy beers to get there I want to give your listeners the biggest bang for their dollar we want to take so the first thing we have is from our friends a pipe works it's called pineapple bowling scores can it's a Belgian golden ale brewed with pineapple juice lime zest and lime juice and then next to that our friends from Mars masters of the pickle beer jungle boogie retail and I'd like to name this has this is made with this this bush from southern after called really boost that it makes kind of a red herbal tea so it's got some of that in there and it's got a very T. like copy these fears are very different from each other but I both kind ads they try to bring in like a little extra bit of brightness with what they're ending also if either you can discuss how big that paperwork spears in terms ATV of got a shiny dollar fall yeah this is that's the pineapple one yeah it almost it has a viscosity like a barley wine to avoid just not only that my field so I'm gonna guess is pretty high medical eight point three while you're at it says ten and a half yeah group could you hear a pop you think all this can be light it's gonna be sociable for hot weather drinking yeah now that is where they they're not messing around six really good here I like that is delicious too what I really like about the Mars is the aroma and that it right on the nose it's eccentricity think very tropical fruity I really like that about the Mars jungle buddy both are very good we've got a text in before we go to the news and then we will continue with our at Joe's I listen to the show and my son who is in the craft beer can't believe how much I know so you guys are educate for you John with a humble Gator only be available at the in the tap rooms or will it be or will you be selling it in the stores as well so this is a smaller batch this pineapple coconut beer made about thirty barrels I believe the Hubble get real only be available at the tap room the brew.

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