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For tuning into classic radio theater on your favorite station and we are listening to an episode of suspense the dire safaniah winters as it was originally broadcast on sunday august tenth nineteen fifty-eight in the newspapers of that sunday some sixty two years ago. These were some of the headlines doc dateline hong kong tensions rise over formosa strait but u._s. and british sources said saturday little danger of a shooting war between red and nationalist nationalist china most u._s. British quarters privately assessed. The claims and counterclaims at each side is preparing for an invasion as only talk but talk with a purpose purpose. The nationalists claimed the reds are threatening an invasion of the offshore islands and moving in mig jets to basis opposite formosa increased tension might mean new jets and other increase military aid from the united states for the nationalist stronghold of formosa communists are believed to be operating on the principle can increase attention would aid the soviet propaganda cause at the u._n. General assembly meeting on the middle east dateline the united nations secretary general job dog hummer schools broad outline for peace in the middle east sent born ministries all over the world into deep study saturday washington's announcement the secretary state john foster dulles. I would head the u._s. Delegation when the general assembly reconvenes wednesday and that president eisenhower might make a brief appearance gave the extraordinary session more split level appearance than ever so we have foreign minister andrei gromyko and a delegation of thirty were expected sunday miekel arrived in copenhagen day in route to new york dateline washington the us atomic submarine nautilus was on course saturday for england where new acclaim awaited its crew are charting a and north west passage beneath the polarize. The history-making vessel was due at portland england on tuesday twenty one days and nine thousand miles out of hawaii why on the other side of the world except for the skipper commander william r anderson. This'll be the first time the crew has set foot on land since leaving hawaii on july twenty third. The skipper arrived in washington friday morning flown here from a point of iceland from president eisenhower he received thanks a decoration for himself and a citation for the crew. He'll fly to england aboard a submarine before it reaches portland one hundred miles south west of london and meanwhile incense congressman saturday roundly condemned president eisenhower spell your to invite rear admiral hyman t rick dover a to white right how ceremonies celebrating the historic north pole exploits of the atomic submarine nautilus dateline detroit the united auto workers executive board withheld saturday today immediate authorization for strike action at the big three automaker plants. The board voted for action several hours. After the union's general motors ford and chrysler councils council's submitted their request for formal authorization of a strike if necessary tobacco bargaining demands u._a._w. President walter p reuther told an east converts number three decided to defer granting of a strike authorization hoping that further efforts at the bargaining table. We'll bring a settlement at the same time. Reuther said the decks have been cleared for stike action in the summer he said we are now in a position to call a strike quickly if it's necessary meanwhile dateline flint michigan teamsters union business agent was arrested saturday as a suspected participant in the bungled arson job they killed another teamster business eighteen frank kierdorf jack thompson forty-one described his kierdorf closest friend who was booked on suspicion suspicion of arson both thompson caradon or business agents of teamsters union local three thirty two in flint and work together on organization dateline amman jordan the state department saturday warned american dependence in jordan.

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