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Categories see are am and mailing list management video management software digital workplace software i mean every category seven hundred categories but then there's even very specific line of business software yoga studio management things like that so no matter what kind of software you need capterra makes it easy to discover the right solution fast go pick the category search for the business that you're in you can narrow it down it's nice i really liked this the filters are smart filters so they know what you're looking at and they give you appropriate check boxes so it's yoga studio management they'll say do you want to sell yoga mats they want to do you want to book clients it has all the like little features specifically for that kind of software you can check the boxes you wanna you know oh four star better runs in the cloud or maybe it runs on the computer that kind of thing how many clients can handle then you'll narrow it down you put them side by i signed four program comparison chart if you want but that's when the magic capterra really kicks in the reviews see capterra's a free resource so i think because people are so grateful the capterra even exists they leave reviews there's a million reviews by real users they verify them every every one of them by real users in the capterra site so you never have to guess is it suffer the going to do what it says it's gonna do is it good is it bad real reviews from real users that's that's what capterra that's their secret sauce and i'll tell you they could charge fifty bucks a month for this they could charge a ton but it's they don't it's free free free it not free museum just free anybody can use it at absolutely no cost c..

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