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Dallas Arlington Denton, Dallas, New York discussed on Our American Stories with Lee Habeeb


Five degrees of twelve oh three I'm currently was top stories tonight a night of demonstrations some of them rather tense across Dallas fort worth tonight demonstrations in memory of the Minneapolis man who died in police custody last week demonstrations tonight in fort worth Dallas Arlington Denton hundreds were arrested while protesting tonight in Dallas on the Margaret hunt hill bridge care these Austin New York was there started out as a peaceful protest of about three hundred on the steps of the Frank probably courthouse turned into a March that made its way on to the bridge protesters were stopped about halfway across with a canister of gas and then blocks down on the bridge this woman was told to get off and she said she complied and turned around and started coming off the bridge and as soon as we got to the bottom of the bridge we were flooded away police officers telling us to get on the ground a lot of a push on the ground and handcuffed immediately even though we were.

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