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Tried to troll. May you know, somebody up there need to be drug tested. Evidently, you don't know, you don't know who the hell you messing with I live for this. You don't troll me? You hiring a coach that's five games under five hundred who all have anything. But as looks and the president's day in going for him. But for your till you hide him as head coach, and you go try to troll me. You lost your ever loving mind? Never those that are wondering what I'm talking about. Let me do what the arrows on cardinals evidently failed to do. Let me throw myself on a sword. A few weeks back. I went on air and I had a brain freeze because while I was talking on the air. I was working on my laptop hours preview in the Los Angeles. Chargers versus the Kansas City. Chiefs games on Thursday night. Football in Kansas City scheduled for that night. I was working. I was in DC I was working on a couple of NBA stories while I was also looking on my laptop reviewing last year's game at Arrowhead stadium between the charges and the chiefs, and I started talking about guys like hunter Henry and others that have played in the game last year alluding to right now because I had a brain freeze, and I was thinking about last year's contest instead of that. When you're multitasking stuff like that it happens. No, excuse me. Got to be more thorough and I slipped period. Mama steak. Mea culpa, no doubt. Same thing to happen to me this morning when I did Stevens a list, and I didn't even have drew Brees my top five. Of course. I wasn't thinking about drew Brees. Because to me number one. All I cared about. What my list because I was having it was making sure Nick foles wasn't on it because I'm tired of everybody leading leaning on a miracle. Man. Let's see what he doesn't know all this week. But anyway, not to digress. The Arizona Cardinals with a K y'all by the way, not a see. Now, they put the K as of the car does the Arizona car does with a K because it's Kingsbury country. Now. This not the troll me. About hunter Henry at all of that other stuff. You gotta be kidding me. Do you have any idea who you mess with bringing? I can't wait y'all pathetic selves three and thirteen didn't give Wilkes much talent to work with us as a scapegoat firing him after one year. And then you didn't even had a decency to go out and hire somebody would a better resume now. Having said all of that my apologies to Mr. kingsborough because it's not his fault. I'm sure he works hard. I'm sure he knows football. I'm not I'm sure he knows that thing or two about quarterbacks having worked with Johnny Manziel Baker Mayfield. And all of these guys are understand. And I wish him nothing. But the best. I don't have to do that to him personally because your personal life seemed to look wonderful. But the other side to all of this is that yo in conference play undeclared Kingsbury. Look it nineteen and thirty five really really nineteen and thirty five. Giving up thirty nine points. A game nearly five hundred yards a game in conference play and a turnover differential, a minus starry. I'm a repeat that lead at up on a Dan screen. You gotta all thirty five and forty record. He did a conference play. You're sixteen games under five hundred you gave up nearly forty points. A game nearly five hundred yards per game. And you a minus thirty third in turnover differential. This is the new head coach Arizona Cardinals. And you got the note the preoccupy yourself with coming at me on Twitter. You should be drug tested right now. Right now, that's what you're selling to the state of Arizona. That's what you're selling. I mean, you get you can't make this up. And this was the guy that was the number one candidate for the jets..

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