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In New York City Here's Michael Barr John ball thank you very much today The House committee investigating the events surrounding the January 6th attack on the capitol will vote on whether to hold Steve Bannon in contempt Bannon and his defying subpoenas from the committee former president Trump is also pushing back on access that the committee could have on documents during his presidency Those documents likely include records of what Trump was doing before and after the capitol attack overnight the committee released a statement accusing the former president of trying to obstruct the investigation saying the former president's clear objective is to stop the select committee from getting at the facts about January 6th Defense secretary Lloyd Austin is meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart in Kyiv today at a press conference with the two defense chiefs secretary Austin was asked whether the U.S. plans to increase its support of Ukrainian forces combating Russia's presence in the Black Sea There is no change to our operational capability or deterrence posture We continue to operate in the Black Sea and many other areas across the region We've done that on a regular basis We'll continue to do that going forward Defense secretary Austin says the U.S. stands by its partnership with Ukraine ESPN reported Allison Williams said she was being fired from the Sports Network after refusing to get a coronavirus shot Her last day will be next week the on air personality best known for her college football and basketball coverage said in a video on her Instagram page that a request for an accommodation to not get the inoculation was denied And finally Major League Baseball well well well well well The Red Sox trounced the Astros 12 three just grand slamming all over the place Game over Yeah it was wow Boston they have a two games to one lead in the ALCS War is Red Sox cufflinks I'm still here I don't think they can make it I got lions cuff links and you can see I'm not sure right now Live from the Bluebird interactive broker studios This is global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quick to take power by more than 2700 journalists and analysts More than a 120 countries I'm Michael Barr this is Bloomberg temple My inner calvinist has to ask 25 runs in three games What happened to Houston's pitching It's just meatball after meatball Well I think sometimes you get dead armor I guess what happened to the Dodgers as well In fact Scherzer said that I think that's what happened to the astronauts Just worn out Yeah I mean you pitch all those games within that compression It's hard You read the history of Christy Matheson For some reason I read a lot about it And that's basically what happened His arm just stopped Yeah it just it goes I mean at that level of trying to throw a baseball that way I mean at some point it's got to give Well I mean you over here managed to say I'm giving this guy arrested in July or August because I want to preserve him for the later in the season We always throw up our hands saying really But I guess maybe for some people that's the way to go I mean because you don't want to get into the meaningful October baseball and have a dead arm That's true but what does it do if you're pitching three games in ten days it's like you know you're gonna run four marathons but you rest up in the summer It doesn't mean it doesn't mean anything All right we just gotta manage this stuff All right it's good stuff It got playoff baseball football coming on you know and boy I tell you I was at the Giants game at MetLife stadium on Sunday not good Not good at all so but we'll have to see about.

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