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One with the call that crash taken out chase Elliott and mother nature decided to take out the race postponed the rest of it with twenty laps to go Denny Hamlin came out on top for Hamlin it's his second victory of the season as for Elian Busch up furious Elliott waited for bush on the apron of the track and flipped him off as he drove by now you gotta love that you're not running you're not racing that's what I say so there you go some some NASCAR action catch it NASCAR fever catch it first time since again thirty and thirty six years that they ran on Wednesday last time around on a Wednesday was a fourth of July so it was a holiday so that's how long it's been so there you go only game in town why not baseball as the NBA or basketball will do basketball as the NBA continues to work through multiple return to play scenarios couple people with knowledge of the situation they always have their nose in everybody's business don't think these people with knowledge of the situation anyway they say Orlando Las Vegas and Houston remain under consideration as cities that could host the regular season and playoff games that remain while the Timberwolves re opening a practice practice facility for voluntary sessions for players starting today president of basketball operations Gerson Rosi's on the walls re opening they'll be some short workouts as we get started here just an opportunity for guys to be in a safe environment where they can get some work in get the routine and are we don't know what the real over the long road back looks like but want to make sure that our guys day by day or two in the most they can only one coach and one player will be allowed on the court at Mayo Clinic square at any one time we required to stay twelve feet apart as we like to say from Arrested Development no touching workouts will be limited to forty five minutes in areas beyond the court will remain closed the other big news from the NBA off the court continues to be the show that just won't go away the last dance the documentary they got huge ratings on ESPN dealing with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls back in the day if this morning's edition of more lake Henry talk about why former bulls GM Jerry Krause is one of the biggest villains of the show Jerry Krause might have been a pretty good general manager in putting teams together well man that's a tough one right there like I don't know how you live that would how do you formulate that sentence the Phil Jackson you don't kill bill Jackson who's one U. five championships going into the final season all of him when you examine chip that it doesn't matter what you do you can go eighty two one L. you're done does it matter how many games you win this year and if you win the whole thing you're you're done that is going to be the most ridiculous statement in the history of sports you got Michael Jordan on your dancing Hey Michael Jordan's already told you if there's no feel there's no M. J. that's the end of the conversation who in the history of the game is breaking up all three times the championship team with the greatest player to ever play the sport well you know that's when you break it up when you lose not win Michael Jordan is the greatest player that's ever played the game of basketball and you basically forced him into retirement there's no way in the world that Jerry Krause can sit there and you know how this played out right that next season with a half a season you tell me that a well rested Michael Jordan and all the other guys could've pulled off one another championship come on you know who didn't own the team Jerry Krause you know who did Jerry Reinsdorf you have a bigger villain is the Jerry Krause Jerry Reinsdorf because at the end of the day Jerry Reinsdorf Chris said sit down Jerry Krause they didn't if you want to save money anyway we love we love Henry lake we love are more like in the morning and he'll be out tonight starting at nine here on C. seal by the way the NC double a division one councils voted to lift the moratorium on voluntary workouts by football and basketball players effective on.

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