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The beginning. Oh, january. I'm your H. Michael Cray, Howard Kremer. Yes. Happy new year. Happy new year to you start and you too is there checkpoint new year. Of course, there is checkpoint new year. Exactly we made it. Well, you know, I had to get through checkpoints Santa. And you did that congratulations. And then it's a quick. You know, I wouldn't even say it's a whole nother lap till you get to checkpoint new year. Do you know what's next chat? Toy Valentine's Day, checkpoint hearts. I don't know. How do you do only produce the song that discusses all? Point bunny, checkpoint groundhog, groundhog course, there you go. It's gotta you gotta have about a month. So you go new year groundhog Oscar fool's day. Mayday some and we're on the road back to some twenty nineteen. Welcome back everybody. Why don't we find out who our guests for the first step Assode of twenty nine thousand nine we'll be. She's a standup actress and writer, she's a squat melt regular, in fact, she's a damn assassin over there. You can listen to her new audio book the indignities of being a woman on audible. It's Meghan bet. What an honor well versed gusts of the year. You are starting off. Our is our ninth year business, basically. Wow. I this is only a six minute drive away from my apartment, according to Google maps. How long did it take? I think it took me about well took seven because I had to circle the block at our turn in shit. Well, you should becoming on more regularly. Then I didn't know you were in the hood. Now, I'm very very close. I'm squirrel adjacent. Which is, you know, hop skip and jump from here is what squirrel adjacent squirrel is that restaurant where that a white woman sells tear. You know, what the line around the what you guys don't squirrel, and I've heard of it. I haven't been there saying she's like a soup Nazi type. No, no, no, no. She's just a domestic terrorists. I mean, she's just destroying my neighborhood with brunch. This gentrifying and all saying, I'm not like other gentrify. Here's I can't afford. Yeah. Fourteen dollars. Okay. But you are you're you're going to stick close in that hood, right? Okay. Until the bottom drops out landlords, very old. Oh, so what does that mean? They're not checking on the property or when they die. Dies. Can I say the F word? Of course, I'm fudged throat because they'll immediately sell the property. I probably, you know, this is close to me because just recently I was under a seizure scare at dragged manner to where they were making me move things and move from room to room when you mean by move things I have a garage, and it it's one of the great action figure museums. Unfortunately on the entire west coast really got some stuff in there. And they were telling me, I can't have it. I can only have a car in their house. I gotta car. I got the bat mobile. I got the Ghostbusters ambulance from eighty four. And how can they how can they do that Howard? It was just they just sold the building. And we're stick into the very letter of the law with Alva lease and stuff, but that was all verdict, and I kept dragging manner, and I'm still up in there. And do you have? A name for your place. I don't know my car has a name them car with an m what's your car? Same Vivienne Vivian, which is IRA. Well, it's not ironic. I don't know. It's just something. That's my ex-husband's middle name way. Is that why it was called Vivian? No, no. I got it from a horse leading Chatsworth who had it since. I mean, it was in the nineteen sixty four. So the family car. It's a Plymouth valiant. Wow. How'd you park that in LA, very carefully? No power steering. Oh my God. I threw that. Wait. So how do you like I mean, you just have to park in garages himself? Ideally. Yeah. Compare a little park me. Right. Just takes you know. God damn our you must have some shoulder strength from that. I didn't have any muscular strength at all. Until I got this car builds it up. Yeah. I gotta say like most people don't have any Vivian in their life for you to have a car and then a husband with a middle name..

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