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Is in Cockeysville good morning to you Mister don don are you there that's funny we just how we lose on that quick okay Virginia is in Reisterstown hi Virginia how are you yeah I have a couple questions a couple things you can maybe help me with sure in nineteen sixty seven fastback Mustang and we're doing it right and we are doing a lot of the work yourself we're seventies we're doing a lot of the stuff ourselves okay when it comes to the front and back windows that we have to do reseal we got other stuff to do it we decided it's it's too big undertaking he did call a couple places within rice's town we called a couple places here and we haven't found anybody that will even do it in case they would break it they don't like the yeah is always a liability problem with that issue there find somebody that'll that'll do it either well what we'll do is I'm gonna ask you to call Mike Mike Lambert the reason for that is he knows a lot of people in the industry and he's in the risers town area already so he knows a lot of the people in that area and I'm hoping that he can help you or at least guide you a little bit in that because again he works with a lot of different people a lot of different facets of the automobile business and knows these guys real well so his phone number is four one L. okay eight three three all right sixteen thirty two and hopefully he can guide you in the right area well I don't have another thing okay that what like I said we're doing a lot of stuff sure obtaining where hit where am I going to get a good job a good place all right you know someplace that you would recommend well with painting it's always tough to find somebody who's willing to repaint the whole car now in saying that it depends on the quality of the paint that you want to have done I mean there's always make and companies like that that will do a very inexpensive paint job and if you're standing near the car you'll get paid on you if you give us just a little bit of a joke but it's not you know the high quality and then then then you've got guys to do high quality work that kind of work out of their own the situation doing that that's the guy that I had paid my pan terra many years ago I can give you I can give you his name and number is name is Butch hide okay we used to call him you know the we at the height of course and Mister Mister Hyde the phone number is four four three nine eight seven forty six eighteen I and that is such a big help to us like I said there's a lot of things we can do and there's something my husband and my son read it this car before three years thirty years ago thirty years doing it again right you know bush did my pan terra twice he did the first job in nineteen eighty six and then he did another job on it in two thousand fourteen almost the same parallels you okay thirty years later you know eight thirty years of driving a car having some fun these things happen and you need to be re done and up which did a great job both times I don't know what his availability is I wouldn't even know what is price he would have to see the car and you order that but he's a he's a very reliable guy and you can guarantee the job will be done right so that's the best thing I could say I recommend him highly and I would have a car done by bush again in a heartbeat thank you very much okay good luck Virginia we appreciate it I have a good day thank you so much bye bye don from Cockeysville is back on the line I here so let's see we get up there how are you don fine thanks Dave I have a two thousand ten Honda Odyssey okay it's been modified to argue it has a ram system moments are good ball Weiss will feature and then now I got you okay the engine light comes on Bronson Ole Ole girl ray Dale time I get it back to the Honda dealer it's all but the last time it was still warm and there is today the scope bed and they said it was for on an Adaline right and then couple couple days later I got a notice on my phone from my insurance company the engine was Ron and lane okay and what exactly does that mean and and and then is there any additives or anything that I can do better you are correct it well there's no additives that will solve that problem however sometimes it's a vacuum hose leak sometimes it's a leak to an intake on top of the engine kind of area I could be a lot of different things it can also be what's called a mass air flow sensor it's gonna take a little bit of diagnosis the good news is you live in Cockeysville and instead of taking it to the dealer which I think will do a fine job but I think they're gonna charge you more of a little more overhead than the place I'm gonna recommend which is Babcock's they do an excellent job of diagnosing also they could find out the problem for you there I don't think it's going to be anything super serious that's a good thing the Odyssey is a great vehicle it's got a lot of good are good quality about it so I don't believe you're going to have anything super serious there but Babcock's can definitely check it out find out what's going on and not only save you money but also I think be a whole lot more convenient to you also so very worse he located here and copy so why don't Cockeysville road right near York road to thirty seven Cockeysville road so right near the intersection of Cockeysville road in York road thirty seven right talkies road and their phone number when you're ready I can give it to you okay yeah it's because there's so sure right down the road from you Tony couple blocks from me right an ad okay David Brad a real good guys I've known him for years they treat people right and the phone number is four one no seven seven eight five seven eight five twenty seven seventy one of them seven days right two seven seven zero aha okay can you dance reader Brad or dates Hey thanks a lot I appreciate your your information they'll take good care of you will make you feel like your friend because he will be I guarantee you okay okay thank you thank you so much appreciate the call don okay thanks again no problem Sir by taking a break back in just a few moments I'm Dave serio it Saturday morning and that means you wanted now right here on talk radio six eighty WCBS here are the Lumineers the shine shop Mike and Linda Lambert only operate the shine shop in Reisterstown automotive paint profession and finishing offering a brand new coating process as well of course as the coating process is they've had for a number of years that.

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