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In long island. I feel like long island. Lots of ghosts. Many the up at the house was sort of split into four apartments. As you do. I lived downstairs on the left department. And the left at the witching hour midnight now which is like i think three or four. Am we what time was jesus killed or whatever you know what i mean. Isn't there a number right. I believe that people say is it. Yeah i've heard a lot of made like three three a. m. right as it's the inversion of the trinity sharpie on okay so three but that's like oh it is. It's all well three m. i thought that was. The witching hour was three a. m. c. I'm an early birds. Midnights my witching error. He's just no. I'm never gonna get the three one. So we're gonna this motherfucker. He's going to go to bed early to. I love it i do and i love having kids because i can't do anything. It's an excuse people. It's like ten dogs. I know either have a baby or have ten dogs and then you get out of everything. I never understood that the people that were like. I'm so sorry. I can't come to your birthday party. We got a dog and then we got a dog and now i like really really understand that I was going to say we have a dog. And i'll be at your birthday party. Well when the dog is new wish. Yeah sure now when when the dogs groomed into the life then you're likely leave. The dog gene is at home now. Curled up sleeping rarely terrified of leaving him at home. Because i was like what does he do. They sleep they hang out. He's fine fausto smart though. That was the best. Yeah she's the queen she seems. Okay val two kinds of people in the will some. Don't you know by the way and you know you know who's worst people that don't remember vows name. Caller neck caller nicklaus shape. I don't need those people. I just remember once famous persons. Why if i'm not going to say because it doesn't matter famous persons wave like this is the person like we would see. I sort of knew a little bit and we would see them at like. Parties are people's premier things. Or whatever. And i would always like talk to the wife and and say like ask questions specific to the wife through a non famous person human being at one point. She was like you think you're the only person who remembers my name ever and i was like. Are you fucking out. What the fuck is wrong with. Everybody and she was like yeah. I now weird. I love being by the way in. The bar is very low. I do also want us. That was my counterpoint. To to nick. Tony tony nick. Tony nick tony tony neck. Sometimes tony next himself. Shaving that's the closest you'll be calling him nick. Okay you're on dawson's creek. yes yes holding. This female energy goes would come witching hour and you just sounded like high-heeled shoes walking in the hallway keys. What was that those this you turned it on. That's the treadmill guys. I didn't like it. High-heeled shoes too. So we got a call it and i have to go get. My eyebrows. died hilarious. The best is it. I love it. It makes it really frames my face. You die them yeah. I think you're like me when i was a kid. I didn't have eyebrows. Yeah now you gotta get your eyebrows. When i do. Tv they they always brush something woman. I'm like what is this kabuki. What what what is theater. What am i. An arthur miller play. They gotta seem even the background. Listen here's if the face. It looks nice to have darker brow. Agai- peter gallagher can't believe. I went to hold that name out. I went to peter. Gallagher's one man show. I went to peter gallagher's at school of eyebrows. Peter gallagher won the show and it was incredible and he's saying and danced in told stories that i don't remember any of them my friend. Gillian jacobs also famous. Which is why. I'm telling you although i did say emily. Bb's name to gillian. And i went to see it end. All labor member was the punch punchline to one of one of his anecdotal stories about his life was him launching into. What's new pussycat hilarious. That's all i need. That's all you need. That's that's what you need to know as browser big. He's got great eyebrows anyway. The the goes that ghost was fine. Ozzy real quick she. She seemed gallagher's not famous. Not successful. what do we think about this eyebrows. Still love him. Yes okay i believe. They're very impassioned. Now big bush's the bigger the better really for men and women became to twenty twenty one north. Seventy south is also twenty twenty one south big bush. Yeah for the cool people. Yeah i believe it. Yeah let's me it actually shows your age. Think it's if you think that the move is gone. We'll talk about things that are base coat of the patriot and stuff. Yeah forget it. forget it. Forget about the infantilism of of women. It's that's when i that's when it all changed pubic hair. I mean changed for me by god. Beat that is literally but it is. Actually when i had my child birdie and i was looking at their little baby body changing their diaper and i was like. Oh i got my hair out. I'm so glad i didn't. I'm so glad. I didn't get a laser hair removal like some ladies. I now oh shoot into permanent removal. I know women who scorched the earth scorched that earth were like pubic hairs. Never coming back in style and got it all laser hair removal old. Yeah birdie to this day. I waxed enough. That to this day is too personal. Whatever you guys. I'm a person that like allows my children see me naked. It's not like. I just feel like we need to. I don't want any shame around my body. I'm in the shower. The kids come in asking me questions. Whatever and like like your hair's kind of like patchy i'm like no. It is what we put on it. Like a bad freshman guy beard. What was some of. it just didn't ever back. I just feel like what do i do..

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