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This is a head gum podcast while andrew and craig believed the joy of discovery is crucial to enjoying any well told tale they will not shy away from spoiling specific story beats when necessary plus these are books you should have read by now everybody wanted overdue at the podcast about the books you've been meaning to read my name is craig my name's andrew and we've got some special guests for this bonus episode they can't speak on air but there in the chat because we're recording live talking about fahrenheit four fifty one by raymond bradbury raid douglas bradbury as his name actually raymond or is the disarray let me double check coach good it is just ray ray bradbury ray just ray douglas bradbury we've talked about him a couple other times i read something wicked this way comes into europe the marching chronicles and i read the martian chronicles that was episode twenty eight of our show suv you are listening to this episode and you have done the due diligence to go back that far i apologize to your ears and i thank you for your patronage and your dedication to law jio format of podcasts i basically like there is a i make no promises about anything more than like 30 episodes old age i think she's like on a rolling sort abasto oh no that's that's valid because we all we all changes people over time and i can't account for what two years ago andrew did or said about anything or wetter his he recorded with the wrong mike on any given episode gotta now well and vis podcast is technically part of november imagine that it is still november and that we had time around the turkey holiday to record this podcast instead of recording it in the beginning of december which we definitely are not doing.

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