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And stretching of chairs. It was well known in the court system that sexual favors are being handed out to the judge in exchange for a jobs and we'll see continue to follow that in the news. After two o'clock today is your friend and mine Governor Mike DeWine to discuss the most recent events in Ohio. And as we continue to point out, at least I do under 1/100 of 1% of Ohioans in the general population. Died a covert 19 and I'm very emboldened by the fact that Dr Scott Atlas has joined the CDC advisory committee about howto handle this, which is wash yur hands where masks say, socially distant and then get back to work because I would imagine Football players that you see would say ah, much safer inside the so called bubble of UC football, then I am not in the bubble of you see football, and if rates are going up on infection, I'd rather be in a cloistered environment with testing. And expectations and challenges the knot in the environment being at home, but many are not discussing that. But coming up. Next is a stooge report. Also Brian Tome also governor Mike DeWine to see what happens in about 30 minutes at your home of the Reds playing tonight. Kansas City starting about 5 40 On news Radio, 700 WLW Cincinnati News, Traffic and Weather News Radio 700 W ell delegate. Cincinnati Will a big 10 postpone fall SPORTS? This is the 1 30 report. I'm Matt Reese Breaking now. The decision could come as soon as today. The Big 10 might decide to postpone football and other sports. In the fall because of the pandemic. ESPN has been reporting that the conference is considering either postponing This season until the end of September or moving it to the spring. The Detroit Free Press reported yesterday that presidents in the Big 10 voted overwhelmingly not to play this fall. A group of star players pushing to play ABC is Kaylee Hartung from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, home of the National Champ. L s U Tigers in their former quarterback, actual birth. I wanna have a season, but we want to do it the right way. Stanford's Dylan Bowls among the players who organized the Hail Mary effort to save the season without having uniform mandated health and safety Sanders In regards to code like there's no way that the season king can go on. So the thing is, we want to be able to ask players advocate for that This is fears grow over the long term effects. Covert could have an Indiana University football.

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