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Who has been uh has displayed manic behavior has has not been trustworthy has said stuff like tomorrow as soon as i'm done with this fourth of july rage or that i met in mexico with my friends that's the day that i'm going to get sober him and it didn't happen i you know i think there's reason not to trust him and there's reason to question this but that being said this is if it is true and he was diagnosed this is a pro hopefully a helpful answer to him about his own behavior and brandon marshall um came out a few years ago and and made some great strides for the discussion of mental health by talking about his borderline personality disorder how that had contributed to a domestic violence his his by is violent rages his his inability to just be a consistent person and a consistent teammate and and it's really helped him through that to be able to be diagnosed and then to accept an and pursue treatment to get better and if that's what's going on with johnny manziel that doesn't a race what he's done in the past the doesn't race decisions or the accountability for things but it does give him some answers on a path towards getting better and we should root for that for anybody because that eliminates the victims that are left in his wake part of what you talked about is the need for more information and i think we all feel that right now because it's hard to just jump up and down and say okay now everything is all is forgiven it doesn't necessarily work that way in the world and ina doesn't always afterward that way in the world he did talk about the diagnosis in the process he's been through this is what he said about a year ago tom sometime early june or july when to absorbing and gulf war near the end of the day i can't help them hours or a little bit different across the nearest i can't help live mental makeup of the way that i was created but i know that if i stay on these meds and i continue to do what i'm doing right now i think my my dad i think a mom i think brie um would all agree that they've seen uh a drastic change no the question that you asked was is that sustainable and will that be the case.

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