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A is there an acronym? We can come out of there are I I mean new kind, and maybe we need a solution to it that risk the imagination of a new kind of possibility. You know, what that means the RT on coop? Act coming soon. All you got to hear it again risks the imagination of a new kind of possibility. A solution to it that risk the imagination of new kind of possibility. The you put the imagination at risk to gamble with it too will gamble. The Rhys gamble. The imagination of possibility. It's or nerves of possibility will lose your imagination like. The life of me like I can't figure out what this me. Well, there's an it starts with an it. So it's probably depends on the Tissot of it. It sounds like you translated the phrase adaptive of hope into like eighty different languages. Audacity of hope translated into spy Healy's to win back into English. Website names. That's the way they come up with website names. I it's like they do a lot of like just like cross translating until they just sort of like it's so far away. Not like putting Pat Boone dot com, and it started out his that's what is books to all full of crap. Like that he talks about going on shoot. Sorry. This was a while ago. But I remember bigly talked about going on corporate retreat that was kind of like a stupid like primal screen type things, you know, for for the frigging C, suite. And that was one where he just he paid. Some some consultants fake goo ruling hell of a lot of money to to lead them on this thing to, you know, get your get the sweet recharged and ready to tackle the challenges of new business. They so I think hiring consultants of pay a lot of money to consultants who ultimately don't ever do anything. That's something. Howard Schultz part. Yeah. People were Rodley speaking. I think wealthy people do that. All the time consultants is is the whole thing. I've just received a point from Sean my woke bay who's in a union, and he has noted that unions do not charge for apprenticeship programs. They actually pay you to work in them. So this tweet is not talking about good union jobs when they say apprenticeship they're talking about some DO. Liberal Brill serfdom garbage, Sean risking the imagination of a new kind of possibility that game clover shar saying like maybe you could start up. You know, what it is? It's more personal responsibility Bolshoi, very opposed to oppose the personal responsibility. I want less of it far less of it than I currently haven't. I cannot manage my own affairs. I you spend dressed. Thank you. I will take responsibility for that. You know, that's kind of consuming a lot of my time. I had that'd be I remember what I used to buy the health insurance on the public markets, and the changes, and I spent, you know, fifteen minutes doing this. And then I think I don't want responsibility. I don't want this. I want to be required to decide what health insurance? I get. I want to be put on the road to serve them. If it means I don't have to look at this fucking website, Diane Abbott, whose and she's I think she's on the labour front bench, but a couple years ago, and she was like, you know, the very treated in are treated in very marginal way by the British press, which is unbelievable. But she she said that point I think actually, you know, she was contesting leadership before Corbin when it was Ed Milliband and she didn't go anywhere for. But there was a segment where they were talking about all of these like Blairite interventions and things like the NHS, and she's like poor people don't need to have to make more choices more responsibilities. They already have. Have more than you. Do. They already have far more stress far more things to deal with and this is not liberal Tory. It's actually like choices oppressive g effectively flip that. And they are all Lou. By it. Let me ask you about this about this. You know, I don't know if you have more you wanna talk about the twenty twenty candidates at this point. Yeah. If you want whatever you I mean, what was your sense of Kamala Harris is rollout. I mean, it was very successful for her. And you know, I think that's reflected in the poll numbers which again, it's early..

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