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Football season. And work becomes much easier. That's the most important thing. Everything's organized, know what you're doing and what you're reacting to. It's great. I don't know why I would ever be surprised. And I'm surprised isn't the right word, but a week after week, I'm just in awe at the NFL machine. No matter what, you know, it's there, the ratings are always the writings are up this year. They managed to dominate no matter what. It's really something else. I think he really hit me week one, cowboys bucks on Sunday Night football, a game I was unfortunate enough to be at because it was incredibly boring. And I was there with my son who was 9. And then I came back and I thought, God, that was an awful game. And then I saw the TV number, and I was like, wow. Football's back. And this even matter if it's good football. Cowboys will generate that rate. It's wild. Almost 20 million ESPN got from Monday Night Football this week with the cowboys and giants in an awful game. I will say, I said this last week, no, I guess it was two weeks ago because there was no manicure last week was the double header. I said this two weeks ago. Again, I found myself. I didn't watch any of the Manning cast this week after watching it every single time it was on. Last year. And I was thinking about it. It's like, it's subconsciously, I mean, I like Steve levy and I think he's a really good dude. He was classy the way he handled all this. And I didn't have this overt, I don't like this booth thing. It was more about I was into the mannings, but now with buck and Aikman there, I flipped that on and I don't even think about changing the channel. It's pretty wild how that's turned out for me. What has been your experience with watching Monday Night Football? Exactly the same thing. Wow. It's almost like ESPN has too many stars. And I've put the man in cast in the part of my mind that's like late night TV where if something good happens, I know I'll see the clip on Twitter. Yeah. Which is exactly what I did this week. And I just watch buck an egg, but it feels like, okay, they're big stars on this. Almost introducing that even for like ten minutes, it's just kind of overloads me so. Yeah. It's interesting, too, because I know the ratings for the man in case for the two episodes they've done are pretty much in line with what they did last year. Maybe down a drop, I think there's still that like 1.41 .5 million. But I feel like I've seen less about it on Twitter. And it's always dangerous to judge things by Twitter, but I don't feel, oh my God, this is so great. You got to check this out. Look what's going on. I don't feel it as much as maybe it's just year two. I'm sure more people, maybe there's more people like us who are tuned into bucket Aikman, but that hype doesn't feel like it's there.

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