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The new extra sports 1300 extra sports 1300 on twitter and followers of other twitter account and this is not extra boards 1300 so i can't get in trouble hormonal extra sports 1300 would have been pref got all straight drop by four ghiz says he's got a ton of profit worker i'll be at play ford has got his second day of the old up leading that jaguar although one of the bag by the way he can't lock blair warned crusts done daughter whose land has recovered tack quick channelling has a thirty way board of course hit about his lawyer david uh the peace time do pull on the pads did he had somebody on after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio oh i am listening for sure west durham david archer and we all saw heads the guy the guy hits over and over and over again was dak prescott eight sacks of jack the cowboys starting huby who was yes without ezekiel elliott but that was not the biggest problem for the cowboys in atlanta on sunday it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio matt ryan did his thing fastest to forty thousand yards in an nfl career.

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