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Before the East Diameter tunnel is blocking the two left lanes as well as the far right lane. You could get by using the right center later. Next couple Traficant 9 14. Now the forecast here, Shannon O'Donnell, keeping an eye on things for you. Well, a couple of sunshiny days in a row. Today we had to fight through the fog to get to that sunshine. But once we did, it was glorious Temps in the forties near the waterfront in a couple of spots near the foothills in the low fifties today, thanks to the easterly. But we Cascadia winds coming into its shaquan Monroe as we head into Wednesday. We're gonna change things up a little bit, and that we're going to increase the cloud cover That will be a harbinger of a little bit of light rain to come Wednesday night Thursday, and that could include a few wet snow flurries in the foothills, mainly above 1000 ft. Nothing major, but just a little bit of excitement in the coma Weather Center I'm meteorologist Shannon O'Donnell in Seattle. It's 41 at 905. Stay connected. Stay informed. Coma Nightside. Just getting word into the coma Newsroom multiple news organizations report that President Trump has in his final hours. Pardon me, one of his longtime adviser, Steve Bannon. No further details available. But Steve Bannon among those many who are expected to get pardons tonight. Frustration from leaders of one of the Puget Sound region counties over the fight for every dose of covert vaccine more from comas. Ryan Harris, the homeless County executive, Dave Summers says they could give 30,000 doses a week there three mass vaccination sites and could push that the 50,000 as they also plan for nine more sites. Summer says they're working to get shots out quickly, and they're not sitting on stockpiles. Just because a private health care energy has a lot of doses doesn't mean that we can get our Hands on it, Nor should the county.

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