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Fumbled for it Tracy wood he could not control the fact that all the time in his consciousness was the knowledge that each incident his feet were freezing this thought tended to put him in a panic but he fought against it and kept call he pulled on his business with his teeth and thrust his arms back and forth in his hands with all his might against insights into the sitting down and he stood up to do it and all the while the dog sat in the snow it's will question the tail curled normally over its four feet it's sharp well for years perked forward intently watched the man and the man to beat in thrust his arms and hands the Greek church of envy has regarded the creature that was warm and secure in its natural coverage after a time he was aware of the first four way signals of sensation in his beaten fingers tingling grew stronger that would be involved in hosting an eight it was excruciating which enabled with satisfaction his trip to Milton from his right ear infection forth the birchbark expose fingers quickly going down again he brought out his pledge of soul for matches with the tremendous core that already driven the life out of his fingers in his effort to separate one match from the others the whole bunch some of the snow trying to pick it out of style but did thinkers could not touch her clutch is very careful he drove the thought of his freezing feet and the reason cheeks out of his mind devoting his whole soul to the match he watched using the sense of vision in place of that of touch.

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