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I was running down that fucking ramp that takes twenty minutes yeah it's a bit of a shit show to get out of centurylink but the lights on a majority of people around where i was sitting were like i think she's coming she's coming back like it was great to see people reason with themselves like strangers never bad being like she's coming back i've been to twenty shows he's coming back and i saw show in des moines and the lights came on and it was kind of a trick thing it's like so she'll be back and then like ten minutes they're like okay we're we're going to be bucking stuck in traffic for two days let's just she closed on we're never getting back together because she's never coming back out it was a sign and i you know they have this set lists dot com or something so i was just following along the whole show like so i like knowing what was next because you know i didn't take a peep break but i could have so that's i don't like okay i was wondering what the reason was to follow along have the element of surprise but you're trying to avoid the infection but also element is surprise is tricky when you don't really know her catalog that well it's nice to kind of go i don't i'm not familiar with this one then she starts playing you go still not would i don't know why i just did that because i i'm with you i generally if i'm at a concert i don't really wanna know what songs can be nest but in this particular case especially because of the encore the no encore lack of it and the you gotta get the fuck out place i was very keen on following the ending so which launched we're never getting back together i might stood up.

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