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Genesis communications network for make this show happen Daniel who is working the dials Vic, thanks for tuning in. We really do create it. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook that after Dahlia show, so the FDA is warning of common blood pressure medication shortage doodo recalls. So, you know, these allegations these ARB's, not all of them are just certain lots because of the N D E A and the N D M a byproduct that was made during the manufacturing process. Well, now because of the recalls the FDA is warning of a shortage of this class of drugs. These AARP's are the Angie attention to receptor blockers. Now, Val certain is one brand of these in the class. Commissioner. Dr Scott Gottlieb, thou sergeant products are in shortage. And we know that other types of products may fall into shortage soon. That's Dr Gotlib and FBI director evaluation research. Dr Janet woodcock said in a statement on Friday. So this warning comes as a growing list of the drugs that either have ten low certain herbs Arden heaven recalled because of this impurity. Now, this impurity this N D M A N D E A is a possible. Carcinogen in terms of studies in animals, we don't know its effect on humans yet. But it's an environmental contaminant that came in the manufacturing process. This had been discovered by European watchdog agency, and then FDA had found it when they started vested in the summer. So the FDA said, it's all going. Desiccation as determining impurities were generated in the manufacturing process and could have resulted from the reuse of materials such as solvents. So now are testing all a arby's and brand name of these medications, which aren't affected or like divan. Abba, pro coz are the those are the brand names those aren't affected and only appears to be generic the not all generics but generics. Made from certain plants at certain plants from certain companies. And so this all originated from China from he Shang who. Hi, her pharmaceuticals, and some of the ingredients imported from this company had unfortunate that affected other plants. So the FDA place the pharmaceutical company on an important on an import alert at the end of September, meaning all active pharmaceutical products and finished products made by the company is not going to be allowed to enter the US and the FDA made that decision after it inspected the facility revealing systemic problems of supervision that could have created the conditions for quality issues to arise. So somebody would out there looks and this is gonna work. No more. You will not be allowed to send your your stuff to our country for now. Now will you get sick? If you haven't taken this medication. We don't think so we think the amount was so miniscule, you know, I'm glad they found the impurities. And I'm glad they made it known and they're improving on it. But we really don't believe that this would. Systemic systematically, hurt anybody that's been taking it for so long. However, again, we ever really studied it. So now, you find a medication that works. These attitudes receptor blockers. It's managing your blood pressure. Pretty nicely. You're not having any side effects. And usually these AARP's are phenomenal. They have really low side effect risk profiles. I'll tell you have a company that possibly makes some that have the contaminant. So. Well, this hurts you probably not do we think it's toxic to humans. Yes. Because it's Thompson to animals, we're not going to be stupid. We're going to think it's toxic humans. So now people have been asking me if they should change, and what should they change too? So this is my concern whenever I gave somebody in a Rb it was because they failed on the other medications or they had side effects to and we've discussed at length the different blood pressure medications, you have the diabetics which make your any more decrease fluid. You have the betablockers that slow down the heart rate. So if you don't have an issue with fluid overload or a heart rate, those medications might not, you know, lower your blood pressure to the degree it needs to if you have high high blood pressure medication that relaxes the vessels. So if you have a stiffer pipe that the blood is going through higher pressure medication that relaxes. Those vessels those medications are really good for those people who just gradually, you know, their blood pressure just gets higher and higher and higher. And and it's it's it's a gradual right because the vessel is thickening. But for those of you that have spikes where you could be one twenty over seventy in the morning, and then one sixty over a hundred an hour later. That's me means it's your engine. Tencent rented system where you have cascade of events that happen. And unfortunately, irregularly it's supposed to happen if your kidneys notice lack of blood flow because you get shot or something. So it tries to raise your blood pressure to maintain for fusion in the body. But for some people that has these very weird jumps, and you know, peaks and spikes to their blood pressure. We think there's a problem with the adjutant Brennan system in some sort of enzyme cascade. So there's ways to block that cascade by an Angie attention. By an ace inhibitor that blocks an enzyme educates. Converting enzyme or the AARP the engine tencent two receptor blocker enzymes at block in different ways of this pathway. But the first one the ace inhibitor, they're inexpensive there an older medication. We've had him for a while. But a lot of people don't tolerate them because it makes them cough because of releases the Keinan, which is an in an inflammatory product that helps you know, it's part of your immune system. So these ace inhibitors like Zestril, or I'll do brand name I center, Pearl bonanza pill, capped Apprel these things. Well, unfortunately, make you call. They could make you cough. Also, we sometimes notice that without. So you can start on five milligrams ten milligrams and you're on twenty then you're on forty and you're like I've been on forty of Pearl is still not cutting it, well, probably because your body starts to outsmart it. So when I see that you fail an ace inhibitor I now or you're prone to coughing. I will go to the AARP's. So my air, they're not really my last resort. But when I go through the different medications for blood pressure. If I think you're eating a lot of salt in your routine in a lot of fluid. I'll probably give you die Rennick everything your heart rate is too high. And that's why your blood pressure is high. I'll give you a beta blocker to slow down our rate, if I think your blood pressure is an issue because you're vessels are too thick. I'll give you a calcium channel blocker. But if you have spiking issues, I'll give you an ace inhibitor. And if you have a problem with that, I'll give you an AARP and agitated receptor blocker. So the big problem that I'm seen with people calling in and having issues is. There. I again, and I want to call it a last resort. But after do seeing that this is what their blood pressure needs to be in control. Now, we have people wanting to go off of it. Because they don't know if they're lot is going to be, you know, be recalled soon because of the EA or the patients are like. Okay. Well, you know, maybe put me on the beta blocker. Well, if your heart rate is in the sixties or seventies, we can't lower your heart rate that much more without making you dizzy, if that's not why your blood pressure is high that beta blocker might not cut it. I love betablockers. I love adding them as an adjunct. But if that's not why your blood pressure spiking because it's not like, you know, you're raising your heart rate. All of a sudden, it's it's not going to be the best choice. Same thing with water pill. If you live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and you rarely hydrate and you were as dehydrated as you can be then that's a problem. You're not. You know, making you urinate, more isn't going to cut it. Same thing. With blood vessel thickness, if your blood vessels aren't very thick to begin with doing the calcium channel blocker may or may not help. So my suggestion is my suggestion is to talk to your doctor jobs are panicking trying to take you know. It's just not, you know. All right. I'm sorry about that. I'm having a little computer issue. All right. So blood touchy guy, something I think that's why I'm in shock. I actually taught you guys something. All right. One eight seven seven doc Dali one eight seven seven zero C L. I I let me see what what's next. I apologize guys revelled computer glitch right now. So what I can't deal is all I can tell you. Okay. For break. I was just at a family medicine conference, and as the Nevada Kennedy family physicians, and I'd take is about this every year. I go to these conferences, right? And you know, we doctors who are really the coolest cats in the country. All of a sudden were among each other. We're pretty cool. And yeah, we're like, oh my gosh. I mean, we there were some students. They're looking at us all parts tell okay, you guys are still darts. You know that? Now, they were good kids. Okay. Don't go right back. One eight seven seven valley. Many people believe they don't control their own destiny..

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