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And we have five kids together. And I have twenty one year old with my first wife. I get the reality TV. I'm doing stand up. Now, I I've got a boxing class that I teach times a week at tap out. So I got a lot of side houses going on site from being an actor. I also produce and and right? So I got a lot of things going on. And of course, my main job is being dead world. Clashed? It all yeah. First class. Father all the way dean when did fatherhood committed into the picture for you. And had it becoming a dad kind of change your perspective on life. I can't I'm sorry for all the rushing to too much in the car and they're eating potato chips. That's great snack. Have where you're doing a cast. I became a father at thirty with my boy, Jack. And man, it it totally changed my life because anything that you thought was about you just totally changed. And in those. Feelings of wanting you know, everything could be about you. And you know, all the things that you wanted to life in either goals and aspirations sort of pale in comparison to the love that you have for this little person that just appeared in your life. You know? So it it changed my point of view from looking inwards at, you know, myself of what I wanted what it was important to me what my goals, and drives were to focusing everything on loving and taking care of this this new little person. Well, said what are some of the challenges dean of being you know, in the Hollywood spotlight while being a father and raising a family well cut to. Eight years later after having jackass when I got thrust into the Hollywood spotlight, and that was a nother that was a total game changer. Everything you do is scrutinized and under the microscope. And you know, you're you're followed by Peraza, your chased by them in cars, which creates very dangerous situations, and, you know, the taking pictures of your kids, and it's just it's it's sort of it's sort of mayhem, it sort of took this, you know, this beautiful thing of of having children, and and, you know, growing our family to something that was just sort of crazy. I've never experienced anything like that before or or. The interest and people took in in our lives, and and how negative that could be, you know, a lot of those there's a lot of haters out there. And you know, they feel that they need to voice their opinion about who. You are what you are who your kids are what they think of your kids. And it's just like, you know, what I didn't sign up for that. And one I don't really wanna hear all the negative stuff that you have to say, that's the you know, that's the negative side of it. But you know, when we started doing reality shows, and our kids were involved was it was great because we have the best home movies ever. You know, we have these all these episodes of the shows that we did. And we could see our kids growing up, you know, on TV. And and like, I said we have this. You know, this this vault of of shows that we've done and and go back and look at. Them and and see our kids different different ages. And it's that's really cool. Awesome. Oh, yeah. It's definitely better than the one minute wonder videos. I'm shooting over here. My iphone dean, this being a father, change or influence the particular roles you choose to play in the movies and on TV. Traditionally it hasn't as they get older. You know, now I have a twenty one year old..

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