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To my broadcast partner and caretaker, Roland Vargas. So second a half, we'll see if the momentum that the switch banks were able to build at the end of the first half carries over here. To the second half. They were victims of that kind of momentum. On Saturday against New Mexico United. They'll try to use it to their advantage here this evening, and early goal would sure be big for the switch bags. They've controlled possession. They vowed shot real monarchs. They basically outplayed them. For the majority of this contest, but just not up to the normal standard that we see. For the car out Springs switchbacks in terms of scoring goals. I mean, We talk about the missing piece, perhaps being the other end. Pretty tiptop shape defensively, but offensively need a little something here. It doesn't look like any changes from either side at the half. It should be just about as we were to end the 1st 45 Brown will look back. Real monarchs will swing it out to the far side. And the visitors will move left to right across your radio dial to begin this second half as the switchbacks had a ball out of play looks like status quo for the switchbacks. Going into this. This second half. Yeah, we'll see Saucedo with the long throw again so dangerous from those can easily reach the box from here. He reaches the outside of it before Sebastian Andersson able to clear that one out does look like real monarchs, SLC or Rolling with the same 11. They went into the break with and Think that's probably the right call Jamison Olave's Gotta be pretty happy with what the scoreline is right now. Big strike there from the captain Brown. Well closed down by Sebastian Andersson. Switchbacks. Take that free cake very quickly. They look to the far side for Andre Lewis and Lewis will settle and has a defender on him trying to turn around and he gets fouled. Quick restart, going to the overlapping run of Dashain back, furred back furred on the end line passes it through guys legs, but no. One on the other end sent out by real monarchs, SLC Jose Torres with the header. Keeping an employ. Now, Anderson up to back furred Saucedo separates man from ball and now real monarchs with possession, only to be taken right back by the switchbacks. Here's Andre Lewis. Lewis. To the near side for Matt Mahoney, Mahoney up to Torray. Yaya Toure, a back to Mahoney over to Philip II, aka It's pretty clear the instruction at halftime for the switchback supposed to increase the intensity. You've seen just how quickly they've taken those quick, two free kicks. How they're moving the ball one touch and looking for a pass. R G. Barry passes back to My aka now to the near sign line for Matt Mahoney to the league's leading goal scorer, taken away as he met a slew of defenders and now real monarchs, SLC are going to break out the other direction. With it is Malik Johnson. He passes it off looking for Max Mata and the switchbacks able to take it away, and Johnson is still down on the ground. It looked like He blew a tire almost as he's running through just kind of ran out of steam now. And got and was a little bit tripped up of his own volition. It wasn't on the the switch packs at all. But this is a guy that plays that altitude. So that's not the reason but just Ran out. Of gas there just a little bit, And meanwhile, the ball ends up going out of play off of the switchbacks, resulting in a goal kick. Four Jeff Dudes, dump and Real monarchs, SLC. Yaya Toure, just being asked to Throw some Shin guards on by the referee before he's allowed back onto the pitch those switchbacks temporarily with 10 Saucedo on the far side, passing it to the middle misses its mark, and it's taken by Matt Mahoney, now up to Jose Torres. Yeah, yeah. Alright Strikes Ricardo Fierro. And that will bring a stoppage to play and, uh That's what you hate. You know, you get booed or whatever. It's like it comes with the territory. You never want to interfere with the play, and not that it was a high leverage situation or anything like that. But still Ricardo Ferro, needing the Get out of the way a little bit Good play from Phillip. My AKA had three rail monarchs around him took a nice first touch. Switch backs out wide. They've got some space and now Anderson in the box for Haji Barry headed high in the air by rail monarchs than a second time. It was Jaws yellow Rothko at the initial challenge really nice header from the centre back. Young man. Just 17 year old. Out of Flores. Made that really nice challenge right in front of Haji Berry. Which banks got to worry about the near side because there's a man streaking down there. That's exactly what happens. Ball sent in Davidson. Olave wants a handball and won't get it. Ball ends up going out of play. Throw in here for real monarchs. SLC. It was Seth powder coming down the right side of the field. Nobody was on him. Good job by the switch packs of shifting over once they saw the past was going to be intended for him. The real monarchs SLC back with it. Much better intensity. The second half already. Absolutely as a pass from powder is sent out. By Matt Mahoney. It will be a throw in for the visitors yet.

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