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Hill I'm Lisa Brady fox news the legislature's already by pars and the question is can we get bipartisan support South Carolina senator Tim Scott unveiling the new Republican bill aimed at reforming policing it would use federal grants to spur changes in use of force policies including a ban chokeholds and use data to track officers with excessive force complaints but Democrats say it doesn't have the same teeth as a house plan real change comes with accountability as drafted the Republican bill doesn't provide Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says the bill fails to meet the moment Republicans say of Democrats blocked the bill from debate they're putting politics ahead of needed change these detectives suburban Saint Louis accused of hitting a black suspect with his S. U. V. then kicking and punching the man is now charged with assault and armed criminal action Joshua Smith had already been fired the violent arrest caught on video happened after four St Louis officers were shot in a retired police captain was killed during a night of violent protests in the city Smith was pursuing suspects in a separate shots fired incident his attorney says what happened with the car was an accident attorneys for the man who was hit say a second video shows clear intent New York governor Andrew Cuomo says not enough testing is being done to safely reopen other parts of the country this states without the smart reopening plans are going up that is the first Senate democratic practice not a Republican factor only democratic faction Republican facts the facts he's criticizing the federal government for downplaying recent increases in over twenty states New York reporting seventeen deaths yesterday its lowest total since the pandemic began ask your Amazon smart speaker to play the news from fox Erica is listening to fox news this report is sponsored by unbound dot org radio nine twenty one oh four seven FM traffic so let's check out your ride this afternoon it's still going to be tough on a route thirty seven eastbound right at exit three in Cranston that's because of a crash which takes out the left lane ninety five north bound point straight up to one forty six to some often on delays but we also the medical emergency right by exit fifteen on two ninety five south bound I'm.

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