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Happy. She was able to give as an answer because it's like who's gonna fight with that excuse, I think you're spot on, I don't even have any tax, I felt the exact same way. Great. Let me continue with the conversation. Oh, so they get to potential that, like weird lizard echo thing that they're playing with. But the thing that I was saying that I find that khloe, Courtney and Kim are all really good at, and I and probably Kylie. I just don't see enough it is that they're really good. Giving their kids experiences rather than just things like Trues obvious knocking remember going to tanto gardens at one year old and one years old, and like seeing lizard going on the train. But like they're very good at giving them experiences and not just throwing things at them. Will they do both? They do both. But it's like there's a lot of things they don't have, like Kim didn't have to take north camping shouldn't have stickers to take her like they need sure that they do. And I think flow is really good at it too. Like I think khloe probably doesn't more where she's like I want them to experience these, like, little childhood things at a lot of kids, do like going to Papa troll, going to Disney on ice, all those little things, I know when I watched the crashes, I go through this really interesting to see my mind on one hand and makes me so excited for motherhood, and having all that on the same time, it makes me realize how difficult it is. And you're looking at family that has so much help. Yeah. Like, when I say, difficult, I don't even mean in terms of managing just the amount of things that you have to do in order to keep your kids like soul. Entertained just nothing else. I'm speaking from an entertainment perspective. And we're also like I said, watching people that have so much hope it's really crazy. Yeah. Like an ad for not getting pregnant, you know it is what it on. So we just want to take one minute to tell you guys about Abe is really cool company. It's basically an oscillation tracking bracelet. So let me explain if you've ever struggled to conceive than you know, that getting pregnant isn't always easy. There's timing is everything, but it can be tough to know when your chances are the highest, so which days are you most fertile. And are you tracking your fertile window accurately and all of these things, and have you ever wished that you could understand your cycle phases in real time, because a lot of these very popular period, track apps, they're still a large.

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