Thom, Al Fayed, Donald Trump discussed on Critical Role - Episode 28 - The Sun Tree


How 100 and fifty off hirola two in the book booby 26 damage you take thirteen novel and ups was a piercing damage uh and then it is going to as it bites it turns around and its tail begins to sneak around your body grod its whole by reach round to constrict and crushing hopes that is a twenty one hit that all righty so you take 21point points bludgeoning damage have mm so the b 11 points much damage plus twin points of slashing damage will have as well so total 22 damage done um and you are considered grappled and restrained currently as the entire creature beans wrap wraparound you and your curling raw you're trying to hold on your axe but you're being crushed by this morning retailer can pay search if you'll have repulsive its muscles ten says that pain eight to fuel a muscles in in ligaments tearing and popping as it pulled in on you not um that's going to uh and it's going to as part its rebel movie with it to their and they'll end is turn our backs up and hyping were dragged the beginning in the turner at the end turn a bit of the term and i'm gonna move al fayed has reach of 10 so you took twenty minutes merely range so you can run but you'll take attacked trump to me from if you sir where can i still airlin from way uh you can but you have a disadvantage all your range tax because you are dealing with this against labs i ending the now doesn't affect your tax remain sorry thom that's up to you you can you could save to schedule your tax or you could run past in gets priest went on.

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