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Freethrow number one for porzingis looking for the team seven point they got it there i told you this game felt a lot like the one in brooklyn so far it's identical the only thing you hope the denver nuggets don't do tonight as they did yesterday is they allowed the after after they walked around the third quarter to finish that period on a twelve nothing ruined second free throws up it in and the nuggets basketball coming back the other way jamal murray has it he's on a high right side guarded their cozy now by tim hardaway junior eagles and on top two will barton between the circles bart gets of nick from yokich east gets to the paint rolls back out of it to murray murray one on one now be colina throws left side of mark mist of get out of bounds last touch light courtney league with four point eight seconds all the shot clock and we'll bart looks in throws it to yokich yoga chance at after worry got to do something here very from way downtown almost read that thing falling backwards rebound comes down to oakwood it gets the lapasset over the nichelino the glina back on top dole quit guarded by nicole yogesh leftsided mcdermott now on the elbow they throw it out after porzingis guarded by milf zapped the shot clock present as crossover move poked away from behind finished steel by alec pass over wilbur the paint millsap runners though got hammered and more free throws covered up for denver picked him cleaning porzingis tried to cross millsap up in the he was not having any of that he just reached out that thing away and they were off to the races again and bill sap would two shots here first who is on the way that one is no good leeson plumlee come in and yokich will come out what a quarter for him yokich nineteen point six rebounds two assists on six of ten shooting second free throw for real in that once little gouda the rebound comes down to o'quinn a couple of big mrs for paul there seventy three to seventy three is the thai nichelino has it across the time line hounded by hair's top of the key lee back to the rookie inside the arctic back door cut heartily but any lost without amounts.

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