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You know when when cd sales were offended i was just looking at the figures for how many cd's were sold in nineteen ninety eight which was twenty years ago and it was five hundred seventy eight million compared to last year the us which which was eighty nine million but i mean back then that was the only model the record business head and all these executives and williams and everybody else just wanted to protect that that's all they wanted to do is sell cds everything was going so well suddenly you've had nassar pop up which was a pirate service it wasn't authorized and it allowed people to share files for free over the the you know the internet which was this new fancy thing that was confusing to a lot of people and fry from that moment when napster functional it created this world in which you could essentially think of the name of the song type the song and hear this song and the record industry's sort of mistake or whatever was thinking they could in any way forestall that future once we got a glimpse of that we were never going to go back right that's right that's right the record industry tried to stop it instead of saying i mean there were some efforts made to make a deal with napster and that's a whole complicated story we both reported on that in his fascinating and then it it could have happened they could have had a a world where they sort of made a deal with napster and we had legalized streaming in nineteen ninety eight imagine that that that could have happened they were talking about tethered download from nassar there's all sorts of things that could happen instead but so a few things happened before i tunes launched this ancient history now steve what people probably don't remember now is there is this period between roughly ninety nine and two what you're did i tunes launch two thousand three yes so during that period there was very little ability to legally get music he couldn't even legally by downloadable tracks really there was we'll go back to musicnet and press.

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