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People getting listening this because we go down rabbit almost our as it is so on a lighter note sarah huckabee sanders the laron chiefs press secretary again please aero huckabee sanders i mean if that's not a caucasian like i know you'll nick reate sorry just sound like you'll make riche she showed up in a pill overalls and windy yeah address overall ups here he's like if she got behind the podium dress overall i wouldn't care i'd be like that sound by right as exactly just about right say one more time okay sarah say it said like the right way sarah huckabee sanders if you were announcing her name sarah huckabee sanders i'm telling you like thank you for participating this average sarah huckabee sanders see she had unmitigated gall bassetti to stand up is a i am an honest person get it out she lives it is like so she was pressed okay so beca august donald trump you know it came out of the donald trump actually drafted a mislaid leading statement to federal investigators trying to protect his son donald trump junior really regarding his meeting with the russian lawyer at trump tower donald trump junior meeting with the russian lawyer at trump tower and so the press secretary said back in august that donald trump had nothing to do with their statement well it turns out that that wasn't true and when she got pressed about it at a white house press briefing she says she wasn't going to correct it and then she said i am an honest person.

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