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As in the welcome back to the show I am the Derek hunter the one and only thing unless there's another one out there and then I feel sorry for you we're in a red you right up to the bill O. Reilly than to Rush Limbaugh and then on with your day on with your day and off with their heads or something like that Alexandria because he of course as we've already played a lot of lunatic Democrats out there but she's in a category all by herself she has this amazing amazing marriage between arrogance and ignorance she is just convinced she knows everything and she knows nothing and it's there's a customer of theirs constantly being reminded of what she does it now it's really is it's it's just nonstop screw ups gaffes embarrassing things things that would send most people to a mere going now man what did I why don't nine know that I feel like a fool for having said that but she doesn't doesn't have that inner monologue at all inner monologue is your height man her inner monologues like yeah you wreck heat you go ahead you're at you my god you're brilliant now I imagine that's what her inner monologue is now is that my god you're really my god there's nothing nothing you you know more than anybody on this forget what the professionals who started their whole lives of these things you just you you go Jeez that likes to tout herself as as you majoring in economics at Boston College Boston University ever wherever she went to school I don't want to embarrass the school she went to but they should be hanging their heads in shame that they let her out I think with the degree no less but that Hey there you go that's what we're dealing with over the weekend because mon many holes if it doesn't happen on social media did it really happen she goes on her Instagram every once in a while and thinks that the world just needs to hear from her as if her army of flying monkeys they they need their marching orders every once in awhile and so she does these long rambling video chats it's actually smart politics if not executed with any detectable intelligence do do constituent relations especially when you're you know sort of cultivating a a cultish fan base you wanna find ways for them to reach you and through social media is the way to do it so she does these things and she's talking into the camera which is her favorite thing to do ended allows her people can take questions I AOC how what should I do hear about how how do we save the planet world going to die we need the green new deal and and I mean that's the level of of sick of fan questions that she gets a rather unusual do exactly as I tell you to do and everybody pretends that she's smart well in the course of a chat over the weekend she said the and what kind of level is stupid this is a new level this is Olympic level of stupid first off not to just just a point of those of you who know economics you've undoubtedly heard the name John Maynard Keynes and you undoubtedly heard the name Milton Friedman you don't even have to have been an economist to know either or both of those names but to have studied economics one would think you would have heard of both of those names A. O. C. combined the two now there there could not be two more diametrically opposed economists John Maynard Keynes in early twentieth century economist believes that government spending was the key to economic prosperity basically it control economy government can control the growth of the economy through how much the government spends now to I guess maybe a hundred twenty years ago this would have possibly made sense to somebody it's essentially if you take money out of your right pocket and you put it into your left pocket my goodness economic stimulus that's essentially a keen zein economics means the government can take money from us and then spend it better than we can't and be a boon to the economy can do it short term in small bursts but it eventually does catch up with you because taking money out of your right pocket and putting it in your left pocket government taking money out of the economy and then putting it back in the economy doesn't work long term it'll help a particular industry at a given moment but as far as sustained growth that sort of has to happen on its own that's where Milton Friedman comes in Milton Friedman as the ultimate in a free market economists is there are videos out there a Milton Friedman where you just sit there and if you think I'm not gonna watch an economist talk about anything that would be just boring actually watching Milton Friedman I mean it was such a a dynamic person and dynamic speaker and able to put things in and such everyday terms that he had a TV show in the sixties or seventies brilliant brilliant guy I recommend you find some Milton Friedman look him up the Milton Friedman the pencil and just watch that video where he describes how capitalism is the only system under which a pencil could ever really be invented and happened and be manufactured and how it benefits everybody along the supply chain so they're they're diametrically opposed somebody you studied economics move fancies themselves an economist like a see you would think would know that these two are diametrically opposed well in her video chat she merged the two they they got married and Friedman took jeans last name apparently cut six here go ahead funny you ask this because I was just reading today about how melting Keane's a famous a condom is back in the day predicted that by twenty thirty US GDP would grow six to eight times what it is which would allow for everyday people to work fifteen hours a week as pushing for the fifteen hour work week wouldn't that be nice but a sushi merge them there and with the wouldn't normally I wouldn't fuss about this I wouldn't draw attention to it except for the fact that if a conservative if a Republican had made any similar mistake there is no doubt that the left would be piling on led by their queen Alexandria because he'll Cortez and I love holding people to the A. standards they hold everyone else too what also makes it bad is not just her economics study in college but the fact that she said she was just reading it that day just reading it and then there's the general stupidity of he was an economist back in the day and you have back in the day she doesn't have any idea what she's talking about on anything but again it's arrogance mixed with ignorance she later went back his Instagram because everything's politically correct these days puts up a closed captioning thing for all of that she went back and put a note on her Instagram saying that it was a type of that she knows that it was John Maynard Keynes and not Milton Friedman who is very different in the antithesis of what a see advocates and she doesn't want people looking up as he was she said that it was a type of typos again showing her ignorance typos are not verbal begin misspeak can't miss type with your mouth but that that's who she is then later on in the video she dragged her boyfriend out because she's a wide ranging rambling video shoot you know when mommy needs attention she goes on and collects all the positive comments from her army of flying monkeys your boyfriend is a guy named Riley Roberts and he's also a white guy the worst I don't know why she dating a white guy why she dating the devil and she turns to Riley this prototypical zeta mail and I asked him basically as a white guy money how can you as a white cat what do you do as a white guy to combat the racism which goes back to what Bernie Sanders was save a fundamentally racist to its coal country the left uniformly either believes are preachers this depending on the individual a lot more people preacher then believe it but a lot of people believe it so she turns to her white boyfriend and basically says speak on behalf of Whitey and tell other Whitey's how you can save the world from your ilk cut seven go ahead tell Riley what it's been helpful to you in combating racism I think it's helpful in them for and to talk to other white people about racism and I think a lot of people they don't want to be racist they don't think that they're racist but they also don't know some of the things that they believe or say are and can be racist and I think one of the like effective ways is just to talk and kind of help teach them about why some of the things they believe or say or think are wrong not necessarily racist but that they are wrong and that'll sort of like ship away and you know contribute to some developments in this area but not SO you take somebody from like being a racist and not being racist and it's just always being open to learning about racist things that we may have said or done without judgment and defensiveness these are conversations that you have while you're stoned and in college at nineteen years old these people are thirty years old and they're having this conversation here's what you should I think it's important important thank you pronounce the word important Riley and he's been neutered so what are you gonna do what I think is important you talk to everybody who's why because our races and tell them that their races and they should stop being racist and that's just the way not to be racist okay and people don't even know they're racists that's how racist they are and that's the way you do it he sounds like a valley girl really does it's it's less it actually sounds like a valley girl and **** head crossed so congresswoman AOC which is what I imagine she forces him to call her congresswoman LC I I used all the almond milk and I didn't get a chance to go to the store and I just wanna apologize to you as as a sister gender issue white guy that I would use the almond milk of a of a black or brown person and use it up without the foresight to go to the seven eleven and purchase Marc almond milk I just wanna apart because I know your morning coffee just isn't gonna be as as satisfactory as it should be easy okay I'm sorry about that I'm sorry my name is Riley and I just want to apologize thank you for loving me only the way you can and the in like a brother and accepting my suspicion nervousness and when we snuggle tonight can I be the little spoon again because that makes me sleep nice and thank you again the good thing about these two dating each other is they aren't out inflicting themselves on others randomly they deserve each other they absolutely deserve each other imagine turning to your white corporate how do you how do you how do you combat racism implicit in that is yours if you didn't keep your foot on the brakes of your obvious internal racism you would be out you'd be just this side of a Klansman so how do you keep a check on that Riley and then how do you go and cut a check on everybody else it just sounds like a lot of fun to be around at parties Hey Riley how's it going I'm doing well but it how about you if you really sat down and examined how you're inadvertently and a racist what not to do it as just I'm just trying to get a beer rolled right but do you understand the implications of that do you realize where that could lead is what if you grab somebody else's beer and what if that beer was brought to this party by a person of color or what if the beer was manufactured by a person of color and you you didn't even acknowledge that what if it was an indigenous persons did you ever stop to think of how many years of indigenous people you.

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