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Check it out it is on the Bruce Elliott show page on Facebook if you're not yet a member of the Bruce Elliott show simply. Go to Facebook editor Bruce Elliott show. Tourelles duties, and. Elliott say I want to be a member check out the video and make your comments for ten WCBS eighty one eight hundred WCBS SAD the Cockeysville, David good morning David Bruce how you doing I'm. Well thank, you You, know what I am like ninety. Percent conservative but I have some liberal views I just wanted to. Actual question because I haven't seen video yet now the. Guy who actually had to carry permit right he actually see the guy. Going, in store and what that. Guy driving no the the woman. Was. Driving she. Was in the driver's seat okay. All right there was no handicap of yearly. There's no handicap sticker on the car whatsoever the guy went into the store and then when he came back out on his girlfriend or wife and Mullins on clear on which was just in the process of getting out, of the car to continue a verbal confrontation but there's nothing physical going on between her. And the. Guy, who was eventually? Knocked down. All right So that's that's as the land for you but here's the thing some people have the little like the things you hang from the rayvey mirror Yup maybe she could have failed to put it up maybe, you just not sell standing away from a car deaf handicap handicapper not true maybe she. Pulled up Maybe. She. Forgot to put the handicapped sticker on her rear. View mirror absolutely absolute possibility you don't know if that person handicap or not or. The person who acted David David you inadvertently cut yourself off mid-sentence that's frustrating well let, me respond to, their quickly no you have no, way of knowing however it would have been pretty rational for the woman who is. In the driver's seat and say oh my God. I. Forget Boma sticker up though would have. Ended it right there and there. Were a number of empty parking spots she. Couldn't simply move their car to. As well look I'm not sure that justifies what happens you guys check out the video let. Me know where you stand on this here's the dynamic that I see and let me back. Off a step from the caller right before half past win large guys, and, this is. A large guy who came out of the store, or in a large guy Knocks you down to the ground if you're a smaller guy And. You didn't even. See this coming you're gonna feel, pretty threatened. It doesn't matter the race is is simply medicine physical size you're standing. About the wife's height is, what, it, looked. Like to me so guys probably like five six. Five seven somewhere in there He gets knocked, to the. Ground by somebody who appears to be a much more muscular and over. Six feet tall would you, not, feel, threatened were that you Would you not feel that in, the context of what has been going? On in this country with the violence that been talking about going on in this country that you would feel in. Peril and would you not then respond accordingly Those, are the three questions and when I posed those questions to myself and review the video again again and again. I would have felt threatened and I would have felt significantly threatened and again I saw this from my personal experience of so please understand that obviously my my experiences colored to a degree by, my comments are colored by my experience This past December I'm sitting in my car I have no idea. What perturbs, the guy who's a two cars behind me, at a red light he gets out of his car because the wheel on my car with a baseball bat He was actually smaller than me but a lot younger and probably a lot better shape than me too did I feel threatened well. As long, as I was inside the car I was not. Threatened but I was concerned that he was coming forward in order to bash, the window in on the driver's side already. Taken care part of the rest. Of the car so yeah I, would have felt very. Threatened in, that circumstance, if he bashed in the window where the baseball bat at the. Driver's side I, would have felt threatened for..

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