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The dude is staying home with the kids and the chick is going out to work. And it's no big whoop. It's kind of standard fast back then it like. I need roller skates to keep up with you. Yes it's so funny. You say that because one of the other commercials i was looking at it. I sent one that. Hopefully we can discuss it sometime because it's insane but it's like businesswoman barbie which is a big deal. Your hair's pulled back an opponent of smart ponytail. She's a pink skirt suit. That was like the thing that was a novelty that that women worked. And if you're gonna work in eighteen hour shift your movies bra well. Yeah it's imply that you only take it off and you're going to sleep and you only need six hours on. Yeah every girl knows how to undo her bra with one hand and slip it through her sleeve every girl gene every girl. Not that girl on the did yeah. You're gonna find the eighteen our commercials same as cross my heart or that was a different one. I remember it was tax. I remember all these things. Were amusing to me. Because i don't think my mom owned abroa- worked work there like he's an apply to her none of none of these things. They all seemed weird that these people are out there running down contributing paying taxes and whatnot. But but i remember you'd have to watch commercials because you'd have to do the cross my heart the next day or like by the way. I need roller skates to keep up with. You was the wears to beef for the wears to be. The comedians would would always do or got milk. Or whatever it is. They'd always that was kind of a punchline. What was the alka seltzer one. I can't believe i ate the whole thing. You yes. Pop plop fizz is. What a relief. It is the answer. I'm sure there's no. Do you think your mom or your dad. Has everybody up awake for eighteen hundred eight hours now. My i i mean my mom. Maybe she was higher something. But i feel like my sleepy. My dad would go to bed at like eight. Thirty or nine. Ever cottage cheese raisins Yeah all right well see we can find that. Let's bring it home gina. Graham's got it. Oh we got it. I'm gina grad and. That's the news. So i'm gina grad and that's the news. My money.

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