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The atmosphere. And they know it, too. If you if you ever read like the un's there, What is the PPC? That's there? Ah, panel on global warming. You will see that they don't expect any significant temperature change from all these policies. It's just symbolic nonsense, like everything in life right now. Yeah, because I was just looking at natural gas. What we talked about this is the Porter Ranch gas like it's a lot of methane that comes from that and methane is is a climate change gas, and that's why we were We're actually barking about that, saying all they're so worried about climate change. It was nothing to escape into the air, right? Right. But when, when, when All the methane did escape from that natural gas leak that went on for a long time Jerry Brown and say boo about it if they had not regulated those natural gas tanks for 36 years. I had a broken valve that was missing since the 19 seventies. That's because his sister is on the board of Simple which we What does that mean? They're fakes, phone, ease and frauds. It's a fake issued that they promote on the side there. Actually the families making lots of money. Some fossil fuel energy. Hi. Coming up next. More response reaction. John and Ken's Radio Hall of Fame nomination. Johnny Kensho Debra Marquez News. The fire burning in the San Bernardino National Forest is now 30% contained. That fire has burned more than 28,000 acres since it started last Friday. Mandatory evacuation orders to remain in place for the area of East. Let's try that again. Evacuation orders remain in place east.

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