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On the 8s that's going out of rob stallworth in the traffic center. Thank you, John. Interesting trip on the beltway if you're in Virginia on the in loop between Tyson's and McLean, the crash near the Georgetown pike still with a single left lane getting by there is squeezing to the left to get by. I sat there for a couple of hours at least getting through there on the inner loop as you head toward the Georgetown pike outer loop is rubbernecking guys you come off of the American legion bridge. Northbound on the GW Parkway before the key bridge gene called us and said there's a down tree blocking the right lane. If you're westbound on 66 near route 28 in centerville, that's where we have the report of a wreck maybe an overturn on 28 itself, near McLaren road, watch for a report of a wreck. I 95 South Bend expected lays going across the Aquaman down to one 23 in Maryland, no problems on two 70 so far. You guys are in decent shape. Eastbound on I 70, traffic being diverted toward new market, the crash between new market and mount airy is under police direction. Maybe an investigation on colesville road, northbound, the ramp to the in loop. That's where the right side is blocked for the wreck. Of course, arena drive at the belt where you follow police direction there at a crash there earlier uncertain if that is still there and up. It'll loop slowdowns, leaving college park, headed toward green belt, but to travel in your open. If you need to hire, you need indeed, they're all in one hiring solutions lets you attract candidates and even conduct virtual interviews. Learn more and indeed dot com slash credit. Rob stallworth WTO traffic. Storm team fours clay Anderson were still seeing some of those pockets of moderate rain out there this morning. Yes, we're having some pop up showers there John across the area and one particularly in fairfax county taking

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