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Thirty eight. Leaded this game to remember that show. No. Upper northwest defeating the lease doesn't feel right now. Well, the. Look at this. Do get a break. And I know your point about don't like a long break. Maybe down a bat. Struggling made use this might not this might be a great thing for them. Just because the last two games rarely strokes. You have a teams. Looks at I asked this question on the game. Is it? Saturday or shooting shops elections. Have a team suck shooting the ball. Well, the us. Hugh's back this happening. Just shoot. These guys we we watched the yesterday Catholic university works all their their defense. Debut with regularity. What are you? What do you do? I spent a lot of basketball. I always thought put something new in. But you can't get bit season ended the season, actually. Generally, you might put a different wrinkle. But it's gonna be on these guys. We're staring at right now. They didn't make some shots. A real lot. Get a lot of. I don't know of anything helps. Just a couple jobs. No down. The first half explains. Down after tonight. Never. To ryan. Taylor. They're five thirty three left is off. Sorelle Smith, Jupiter seconds. Fourth barros. Rear will trigger baseline left. The cop. Cop. Doc too long. Check by fresh into Wiggins back to law looking for part top of the key part. Rivers hand off to Taylor. Chocolate four-ball knock the way out of bounds last touch by. Up in their grill. I I think one of the things that hurts northwestern ability to drive the ball the basket to create shots for other people. Yala? Hit a couple of threes. During escape breaking rock for Barry. Jalen Smith handed to yellow. I rela works his way to the page. Shot up over raw out sorelle slip..

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