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Spend a lot of time recently thinking about a man. I don't know much about. I don't know what he looked like. I Don I old he was. I don't know where he was born where he died. What I do know is his name Richard. He was enslaved and he was on last island in eighteen. Fifty six last island yield. Then yeah back. Then they spoke French in southern Louisiana and that island was about as far south as it got. Last island was a resort place. Where everybody who was anybody went for the cool salt breeze the wealthy of America save accuracy will go there in the summer to have balls parade down the promenade. Relax behind their leisure was a hand of slave power. That ran everything a little bit more about the man who own Richard. Thomas Mill was a Frenchman. He ran a sugar plantation out in the by you. Milton his family to their mansion last island that summer on August knife Saturday night they danced in the grand ballroom local hotel but on Sunday. Look down into the waves and felt the bracing winds approach. The storm was coming that night. The wind grew stronger. The science of last island panicked impact themselves into a hotel but Richard was worried. He tried to convince a master and his family leave their mansion and take shelter and stable but they refused the storms. I approached waves got higher and higher. The surge of water to storm pushed ahead of it race to the islet. It hit like a tidal wade through it. All Richard Brave the storm in a stable his only companion. That night was an old horse. The next morning the only building still standing last island was at stable rigid in the old horse. It made it. Many other. Folks aren't so lucky about half of the people known to be there died. Richard found his masters as daughter bleeding from a head wound and deliver her to safety. She was the only member of our family. On last island survive. As far as we know Ridge was the only person to enslave who survived Everything we know about Richard Comes from a newspaper interviewed daughter. He saved the story of last island became a sensation across America. Sensational in part because of who died in the eighteen fifty s southern Louisiana had the highest concentration of millionaires in the country last island hurricane and killed a lot of them the idea of doomed grand balls in final patterns of the Plantation Aristocracy and was also tragic and romantic. But I don't really care about that. I just can't stop thinking about Richard. The last island hurricane was a category four storm when it hit it's been called the first great storm in recorded history of Louisiana. It seems like every generation has won eighteen ninety three nineteen fifteen nineteen forty seven each with their stories and their myths each with Richards. The last big storm New Orleans Hurricane Betsy nineteen sixty five and then for forty years. It was quite turning into a monster of a store in the very angry seems to be taken responsibility from the Atlantic..

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