Joe Casey, Franken discussed on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast


I imagine that clearly there are other planets that have life yet on it and clearly there planets that have allowed consciousness on them yet discuss the because of the numbers and if they're all than there are planets which have consciousness which have celebrations a particular times and there may be one that coincides with that of celebration and it's probably to do with a religious thing and then probably their version of cocacola may tend to read i would listen statistically everything but can possibly happen does happen and if that's true than everything that can happen does happen at least twice so yes triggered by contianing the other planet okay secured idea for a state company that where he just set aside for he just said i've got good one now hold on my formula while that was a good one this is an inch this is joe casey what this is quite an interesting question what became with the gold franken sense and mirror that mentioned there at the beginning of the bible and we never hear about them again to a humble typical family liked the crisis would not have been wouldn i've been the equivalent of a rollover luxury win how come they still lived in relative poverty well the franken sense franken sense that you would just use them up others oppose the robot that we give them you know i think there was a also since he say oh because if the people of the king's bold the king's if the king's hanging around with their politics i've been alone.

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