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So the town of perth and boy new jersey like leoni in new jersey i didn't think that was part of his well here's here's how so the town of perth and boy leoni in new jersey have closed their local roads to traffic from out of town drivers so even though some of the roads in perth and boy are state highway state state and county roads they've closed the roads to staten island drivers because ways oftentimes tells them to take route thirty five at some of the side streets to the bridge so that the mayor closed off the town they have police officers out there on the busier weekends actually looking at your license plates and and you know like new york license thumbs up and thumbs down like caesar augustus telling you whether you can get off the exit and go through perth and boy so we wrote to the attorney general saying that and we had our attorney look at it and give some case law there's actually a lot of case law on this from the jim crow south and the and the civil rights era south of towns basically shutting their roads to adjacent towns you would think that as the state attorney general when the rights of new yorkers are being infringed in a neighboring states this is your job but the mayor of perth envoys name is d as not trump so we got a big fat goose egg from him sorry not sorry i don't even know how legally speaking they could stop you from pulling off the highway i mean i that's right so that's so they bring a lot of sense to me basically they basically are saying that it's a town event and we're shutting the street which they can do for their for their local roads in perth family right we have events all over the city we shut down the streets but this is shutting down the state highway just just for no particular reason for no a schedule on the saturday night traffic coming back to new york on sunday afternoon traffic coming back to new york you go apple picking with little joe joe little luca you try to you know you have your apples everyone's happy you son's hands are all sticky everybody.

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