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These are basically point spreads looking ahead for most of the weeks of the season sports books pick out a couple of games each week that they think will get action may be interesting will generate some hype. One. I wanted to go to Saturday, November tenth, Clemson, and BC. I thought you right up was very spot on that we had on chalk about. Basically the misleading final score that was in last season's game, talked me a little bit about this game, especially. I know clemson's defensive line is going to be a terror for everyone to block, but how do you see this one playing out. Yeah, I think I'm going to be pro Boston College almost every week is I think the average fan looks at BCC's the fact under a does heal. They have a one more seven games in any of the years, and there's no preseason expectations for this team at all, but they are loaded and remember last year they opened up the season two and five and everybody's thinking or to enforce it say it's just your typical BC team, and then they hitched wagon to AJ Bill, and then they were completely different team. And even in the bowl game, they completely dominated the first half against will last year, but then ended up due to the the slippery conditions. Dylan could never get on hitch, but Dylan's back to hundred fifty pounds. One of the best running backs in the country. When I talked to coach adagio this spring, he'd likes the speed. They have it receiver for once. It's always been a weakness. That too tight end offense, I think is a large advantage when specially as a mentioned, all the coaches talking about moving that third linebacker spot to a safety slice linebacker. You can bring to tight ends in like. Stanford, you've got a technical advantage offense lines, one of the very best in the country, Anthony, Brown's, back after missing last few games last year defensively, watch that gallon, the white Ray at defensive end. And last year they lost all their key players. I mean, you know up front, they lost here Landry they lost their top linebacker counter and their second best linebacker went down with injury. Mex- Richardson, they lost their top safety injury. Those guys are all back. They're loaded defensively atop twenty defense running game quarterback. They've got everything. Now, as you touched on last year when they face Clemson at seven, seven in the fourth quarter. And yet if you just check with five forty one to go by the way, and then you check the final scores of the games and you see that they lost thirty four to seven, and you're like, well, there's a blowout game, and I think that's created some line. You hear Boston College is at home in cold weather against Clemson. And so the line is over two touchdowns right now at fifteen and a half. I'm taking the points in this one and when even surprised me. Me, there's a possible upset and one final thing to throw in Clemson, just seven and eleven against the spread is in favor. A lot of good write ups on here, and I urge everyone go check it out on ESPN shock one more for the podcast, but there's much more on the website and we're going to go off outside the power, five BYU at Boise state on the Smurfs turf. Yeah. The amazing thing here remember Doug when Boise state to just automatic play. Boise stayed at home blue turf. They win and cover almost every week. Well, what's happened is biggest made the compensation for that. And in fact, Boise is now paying such a high price when they're at home that their foreign fifteen against the Las Vegas number as a home favourite. And here's a BYU team that last year just struggled offense. I mean they were what's views face it. They were feeble on offense. In the first half of the season scoring touchdown was a struggle. They got a little better in the second half of the year, but now they have new offense coordinator, Jeff Grimes. And I think last year's offense was a poor fit for Tanner Mangum a QB Mangum..

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