Betsy Devos, Dr Tom Ingles B, Johns Hopkins University discussed on WBZ Afternoon News


Boston Harbor, Kevin Coleman W B Z, Boston's NewsRadio Top health official at Johns Hopkins University, says the country's ongoing fight against a Corona virus isn't going very well at all. On Fox News Sunday, Dr Tom Ingles B says, we should not just accept hundreds of people dying from the virus. He criticized the lack of a unified message on things like wearing a mask or covering. Meanwhile, the Corona virus testing SAR, responding to criticism on ABC is this week. We're all very concerned about the rise in cases, no doubt about that, and that's why we're meeting regularly were surging in Assistance, but we are in a much better place this This is not out of control, but it requires ah lot of effort and everybody's gonna have to do their part. Meantime, President Trump is calling for new guidance from federal health officials to reopen the nation school buildings. But many school leaders say they're sticking with their plans. The admiral says it's very important to get kids back in the classroom. It's not being in school. With their social and emotional health risk. Many people with nutrition the recognition of child abuse child sexual abuse. It's really important to get kids physically back in school, but we do have to do that safely. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was on CNN. And she repeatedly reiterated that schools need to open in the fall but did not give strict guidelines are a plan right now on how to do so safely. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was on after DeVos and asked about the plan. Administration had for schools reopening going back. The school is presents the biggest risk for.

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