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Of innovation here on CBS sports radio going to get back to your calls in just a second at eight five five two one two four two two seven but first gonna be joined right now by parents to leave CBS sports college football writer Sirius XM host an apparent first question the most important one Clemson or Alabama neither I've got George winning the national championship by both of those teams in the playoffs were to run and run it through Clinton in the semi final and Alabama national championship who when the title that's interesting because it you know everywhere it seems it's comes in Alabama Alabama Clemson some order I think they're split on sports books what is it about Georgia that that you think puts them in the same class in it and even above well I think they're in the same class in terms of overall team pallet backed up but only because work for the banner society one way that nature put together clips of ranking everything the law and basically what that is I is he he put together the overall team talent based on recruiting in development and tells you which is that the best one when the national championship metallic perspective Nordic once in Alabama all right bunched together and the gap between three and four is the size of the Grand Canyon so metallic perspective they're they're right there I think when you look at quarterback Jake from can't be a difference maker doesn't have to be all the time which I think is a credit to that entire gorgeous staff I think it got the best running back toward the SEC and perhaps one of the best running that Courtney country they have the best offense of one in the country a veteran secondary yeah I've been that while they didn't get pressure on quarterback last year still held teen outside of the red zone and once they got the right answers all there so in terms of being a complete team I think the one sort of missing piece is that why you're eating core but a that's the easiest part that's the easiest place to park in a true freshman a redshirt freshman or an experience here at the I think metallic perspective they are completely set there so I actually think that because the bill in those injuries Alabama that George is the most complete even the FCC and I would argue as complete as close and based on the fact that once it has and had to figure out what that what what has to happen along the defense of want different players the rotation that's a look at the the national championship picture I want I want to talk about a couple of the stories that that I think are interesting heading into this season one is is Michigan Jim Harbaugh and that team you know they they've had some ups and downs I guess if you will and and haven't quite had that that break through do you see this being the year and do you see him catching up you know he he to the point of job security status being at risk if not no it's not the year because Jim Harbaugh is proven time and time again that he is too stubborn to produce an offense that is willing at that that that can win outside of its comfort zone is west miles the final four years of what miles career tell us you discover the good get your hands on that offense and doesn't understand that in college football you have to win outside your comfort zone even if you have a great defense of Michigan has had a lock up with either you're not gonna win with decent alone and when you get in just your doubts you better have the firepower to go window shoot out and he doesn't even try to do that which I think from Michigan fan should be extremely frustrating if his name wasn't Jim Harbaugh and it wasn't a Michigan legend they would be furious and rightfully so with how he operated as the head coach for the first four years of the ten year I don't believe Shea Patterson a difference maker and Josh gad as the offense of coordinator yeah he sell this whole speeding face off Hey he's never call plays and be is Jim Harbaugh going to get his hands on that office again everything suggests that Jim Harbaugh will do that and there's nothing to suggest yet that Josh gad it doesn't affect the play call even if Jim Harbaugh stayed stayed away from it so yet it did Michigan is to me is a nice little ten when team that will you don't have the moment where they give you hope but in the end I just aren't that they're not flexible enough and not the person of authentically to to hang with Ohio state and I would say there's a young ten state might give them a run for their money yeah I finished second that they died Michigan to me is the most overrated in the country every single off season and this year now that I think that would be a disappointing season for sure arrival of our talking to bear it silly CBS sports college football writer Sirius XM host here on CBS sports radio help Jalen hurts that's very interesting because you know of what's happened with the quarterbacks there and and under Lincoln Riley what what kind of season are you are you expecting from him well I mean he's obviously in the Heisman out I don't think you're gonna have a high right even because you're not gonna put up Tyler Merion Baker Mayfield numbers and perhaps unfairly did his jail and hurt that kind of the standard in the health field that said I think he'll be fine I think that the one thing that I'm not concerned or just curious about is how does Lincoln Riley a justice system today one hurt because they wanted not like Baker Tyler he's more of a down hill you can run between the tackles he's he's a big dude I'm not no jail for a while you know covering by nearly SEC football you stand next to him you look like you created out of the video game you know hot a quite cute so I want to see how we can Riley adjust his office Jaylen because you know all the NFL folks in all these you know yeah casual fans sort of think we can Miley is is is just evil genius and and I think you that you get through but he really has never had to adjust as the head coach you a different quarterback so I'm fascinated to see what he does that said I think really it's sort of a backward way you know it's a on the overall success depends on his defense Alex corrected their new defensive coordinator obviously Oklahoma was next level and fair thing bad last year if that continues then I would think that they would not gonna have a successful season in terms of of leading a team to overall team success college football playoff because he would then sort of before if you think that he's not comfortable with or has it within the past and that's going to fall down field so yep that need to see what we can do it with him I think Oklahomans in at the end of the call I don't know but to me I think that the big twelve just in general is far more likely to cannibalize itself and has been in years past finally I or is Oregon in Auburn that's the the the game with the the day and do you think do you agree with the sentiment that Justin Herbert is the perspective number one pick in the NFL draft I'm not the biggest NFL draft guy he's a great quarterback and I think the questions order remains what you need you and their games they cannot alter down the stretch last year you can argue the your strength and an actor see at times I think most readership standpoint that's kind of one thing you have to work on this year I think if he has a a good game against Auburn then that'll go a long way toward impressing enough milk out I'm a long way toward you know organ potentially contending for the college football playoff because this is the thought that the year or a couple of reasons one Auburn feet at the front bill if you don't know the name so get to know and because he's gonna be Derek brown psychic in the neck hello my most versatile most died great defensive plays intact but he is the line up all over the field to help their ground out there yeah if nothing Herbert had that to get that defense especially considering he had injury problems with his wide receivers right now Dan and I felt doubts are gonna take notice of that as far as you know what he can be moving forward potentially a Heisman Trophy candidate I think as far as as what the NFL scouts are looking for I think if he shows off his leg just a little bit and I'm talking just a little bit if you can't do it then I think that will go a long way towards route solidifying himself as the number one pick because he would then be viewed as a guy who you know just enough that you back there and a guy who can bring it down the only guy who can be creative with with it with the office space in the days of the NFL where you know it's finally catching up to what college opens the door for a long time she the time this moment thank you no I think that me silly CBS sports college football writer Sirius X. M. hosted his arrival about show here on CBS sports radio eight five five two one two four two two seven is the phone number was talking before about whether you would continue to watch the NFL if it became flag football will get back to your calls on that right now Pete in Dallas Pete Europe next year on CBS sports radio how you doing man good man how are you five Hey I just want to say this real quick the NFL is how old hundred some years old there have been thousands of thousands of guys that play professional football let's go to college level there's been thousands and thousands high school level there are only a few people that are coming out and then football did my body wall and we're you know we're not focusing on a thousand I mean you look at the Starbucks in the old that those guys are not complaining so it's just this generation that's not I don't know that that you can't use the there's not this generation thing and it's just not true I mean that science says the football because it brain injury and that's what got the sign says and then you have all what a fine also for an apple a day keeps the doctor that's expression that science and say that that's just an expression people used you know you can look the hold on a second hold on a second does everyone that that plays football come away ravaged by no of course not I I know of a bunch of former NFL players who are are perfectly well adjusted human beings but when you're talking about old in your older players before they even had a platform to express the stuff we have no idea we're just finding out more more as as we we see you know if players getting further away from their info careers you talk about Andrew luck and and robin Caskey those are two of the biggest strongest dudes that's one of the reasons yeah go ahead so to me I see this is the need to move in he trust me all you know it's like come on you're going to mean something else in the the the like that's not with them that you know the me too movement is by the way exactly there are degrees of everything right so I I I I I will agree that there are degrees of everything not every crime is the same severity not every up you know negative thing that happens somebody is the is the same there there should be degrees and things in life we should be able to realize that now have new wants and gray areas in discussion so well some some topics lend themselves to genuine outrage others maybe don't require the same outrage that that they sometimes get I would agree with that but you're you're talking about like anecdotal evidence for instance well now I'm in the but I'll be there at this time smoke cigarettes and didn't get lung cancer does that mean cigarettes are good for you that's true but but not no I'm not saying that but my point is is that it you know honestly meant anything could be bad for you water if you no no that's not that's just that's just trash that's not true you're just trying to justify garbage be honest with yourself.

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