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In baseball. These were the moments that bring us to our feet. But the most important moment happens when we all stand together United for great cars. We once again join our partners stand up to cancer in reaffirming commitment to the fight against cancer. Since 2008 Major League baseball, its fans, players and coaches have delivered a powerful, determined message that we together. Will defeat cancer. I'm that Damon. I'm Candace Patton, Joe Manganiello. Jordana Brewster, Zachary Levi. I'm losing Deba. Cancer has in some way touched all of us. So join Major League baseball and stand up to cancer. As we stand in honor of all loved ones affected by this disease is a stand up to cancer dot work slash MLD. Stand up with us. Really? Okay. Well talking about Mentioned bag phones lost, but he's had a bite. In a moment. I'm saying, Sam, please don't ever do that again. I had a biting moment. It was abide Moment is what we have your both Joe. So there you go. Something about Joe. It's funny. We started talking. I started talking.

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