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More with captain Silverton work for both looking good six ten connectors quiet little bit of traffic in Hartford Avenue on route six east with your southern awake with traffic I'm John camp with thank you John is forecast and it's powered by Duncan go to she can get a great deal on two of your Duncan favorites near storm team ten meteorologist Christina Ernie we kick off a dry and warm stretch of weather starting today expect partly cloudy to mostly clear skies for your Monday with highs in the low eighties with low humidity only isolated thread of a pop up shower this afternoon Tuesday and Wednesday both dry highs climbing into the middle and upper eighties with sunshine I'm storm team ten meteorologist Christina Ernie on newsradio nine twenty and one of four seven FM is sixty eight degrees and it is seven oh one J. Corwin's newscasters brought to us by Haggerty for people who love Karsh collectors out there you need collector car insurance only Haggerty has the expertise in the passion to protect your car you can get a quote at Haggerty dot com slash east or with your local agent water under the stores were following it today a beautiful store to the work week a rough weekend weather wise across the area storms from Saturday followed by more the same yesterday in Rhode Island dropping hails from down trees as well the biggest recorded hail measurement here by the National Weather Service one and a quarter inches in diameter Warwick significant hail also in Berlin Cranston Catholic diocese of Providence set to release that list of clergy members work quite a believe cues of his sexual abuse of minors today Providence bishop.

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