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The deadly school shooting in the town of parklands we get more from this morning's mike gavin the school security bill would increase the minimum age to buy any type of gun from eighteen to twenty one with some exceptions it also bans the sale of bumps stocks allows some teachers to be armed and we create a new process for courts to temporarily prevent people considered a risk from having firearms the measure also includes four hundred million dollars for things like more mental health services and more physical security of school buildings the measure now goes to governor rick scott for his signature he supports some of the provisions but opposes others gordon thank you mike it would be the first notable gun restrictions in florida in decades gun rights groups denounced the new firearm restrictions as violating the second amendment in an email the florida lobbyist for the national rifle association encouraged members to pressure lawmakers to vote against the measure while a grand jury in broward county florida has formally indicted nicholas crews in the massacre at stone men douglas high school last month the nineteen year old discharged with thirty four total counts in the rampage that left fourteen students and three adults dead seventeen counts of premeditated first degree murder and seventeen counts of attempted firstdegree murder lawyers for mr cruz said he confessed to the shooting set the school where he'd been expelled and alice's now from brian wagner founder of the new york city firm wagner law associate sees a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor brian no surprise on the indictments radical arrived at all who can her weather greg burillo clog weeks the confessed your kids or if they presented along more average either way in hawaii pretty uh easily thing in common what about said that the concession how does that plan here well quick anything could play out how to crack in who the accident magget wctc the fact of the circumstances surrounding it uh be voluntary one in milan guy over the conditions in which later but in the end i don't pay a crushing court shane at the speed can't come in night so what would you do as a prosecutor how'd you baroness witness the prosecutor from varna have occurred he's already offering either her coolly if they take debtforequity all shook the table.

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