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In Washington. A mixed morning on Wall Street. The Dow is down about 1 20 well, A. NASDAQ is up 50. The S and P 500 is off by seventh. This's AP News. Now, hurricane says, is on a path that would take it near or over the Bahamas before nearing South Florida tomorrow or Sunday. The National Hurricane Center Stacey Stewart says the center of the storm will remain off the Florida coast right now. We're not forecasting A direct hit. By the hurricane on Florida and landfall in United States and may not happen until it gets up to the North Carolina area, perhaps on Monday or Tuesday. The storm has top sustained winds of 80 miles per hour. Some strengthening is expected. Heavy rain is expected in south and east central Florida. Starting late tonight. Hundreds of thousands of people in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are without power. After the storm hit there yesterday. One Marine is dead, two injured eight others missing after an offshore accident yesterday involving an amphibious assault vehicle along the southern California coast search and rescue effort is underway. I'm to McGuire AP News Corona virus Update. I'm Rita Foley with an AP News Minute with more than 152,000 people in this country having died from the Corona virus, Congress has called the nation's top experts together. Find out where we are, Dr Anthony Fauci says as the nation tried to reopen after the pandemic. Lock down what we saw, particularly most recently, the Southern states was an increase of cases. 2 2030 40 50 and a couple of weeks ago it was up to 70,000 per day, and that was down between 50 and 60. And the reasons for that a complex health and human services testing's our admiral Brett Gerard Warren that Americans have to keep their distance. And keep wearing masks. We cannot test our way out of this or any other pandemic. Testing does not replace personal responsibility. It does not substitute for avoiding crowded indoor spaces or washing hands or wearing a mask. I'm Rita Foley in a televised speech marking the EED holiday how money says President Donald Trump would benefit from talks, saying some wants to use negotiations with us for propaganda. Back negotiations with North Korea. Iran's supreme leader is referring to talks between Trump on North Korean leader Kim Jong UN Hominy says the U. S. Wants Iran to give up its nuclear program defense facilities on regional authority at the negotiating table. I'm Charles the lid asthma AP News I'm Tim McCoy, Dr. Anthony Fauci is cautiously optimistic A Corona virus vaccine will be available by next year. Maybe Washington correspondent Sakuma Gani has Mohr Fauci says Once a vaccine is approved as both safe and effective, it will be ready for distribution within a reasonable period of time. The plans now allow for any American who needs a vaccine to get it within the year. 20 Trymon, though he says there will be a priority list, and not everybody will get it immediately. Found. She appeared at a house hearing alongside CDC chief Robert Redfield and Admiral Brett Giroir, the administration's virus testing czar, who acknowledges it's not possible right now, for all test results to come back within three days, Given the demand in the supply, many experts say the results are nearly worthless. After three days because the window for tracing a positive patients contacts has closed. Soccer Megane Washington, The Trump Administration and Congress continue to talk about 82 families and businesses hammered by the Corona virus pandemic, however, an offer by the White House to extend for just one week the $600 a week federal unemployment bump was rejected by congressional Democrats. White House chief of staff Mark Meadows. The Democrats are certainly willing today to allow some of the American citizens who are struggling the most under this pandemic to go unprotected. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says it's the Republicans in the White House who can't understand the size and scope of the problem. Clearly, they and price the White House do not understand the gravity of the situation. Pelosi and other Democrats back a house passed three plus trillion dollar package. Well. Republicans and President Trump favor and more than $1 trillion measure that's still tied up in the Senate. The Dow is dropped 210 points while the NASDAQ is up 60. This is AP News Now Hurricane SIS is on a path that would take it near or over the Bahamas before nearing South Florida tomorrow or.

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