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I lay yeah i i think this was more than physical me charles oakley spin in some some scrapes physically that uh th there were causing a lot of physical pain i think charles oakley was wounded that night and i don't think you know one each certainly he's gotta take some of the blame but but the the way the crowd was handled the way the security guards basically steps to them and and ask them to leave there were at no point was there a consideration that he might go to another seat new arena it was just handled poorly and then for them to i mean you're basically putting you basically five or six security guards are putting a former player there was a coal hero back in the nineties on the four and taking him into the taking him through the corridors under the bowels of the garden i mean it was just the whole thing was the whole thing was sort of the native here of the knicks franchise since the glory days of riley van gundy and the times from people actually thought they were contender by resorting to mike wise of the undefeated here on the right time uh i know you've done this on the show before bush for those who are listen that day would you my tell them about the todd that you roll which although to was housing cleveland oh is still one of my favorite memories we actually a it was frank i seoul of me barbara barker from news day gosh i wanna say steve popper from asbury park grass maybe a couple of other people and he centrally i solar talk them into uh telling if somehow eiffel it said that every time you're hosted an allstar game uh the host takes the riders around well the all star game happened to be in cleveland not year course charles oakley being a being one of the most significant citizens ever come out of east cleveland based said i maybe it's a hotel i i'll have a car to pick you up well it was a stretch limo we got into the stretch limo about and essentially charles oakley was in a purple pinstriped suit with matching fedora and i just remember frank i so looking at him and he goes.

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