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So barrett of was worked with russia his name is russian but he's not he's canadian he was born in russia but he he was charged with using data pass to him by russians federal security service to hack email accounts of journalists business leaders and others turns out berto was running a international hacker for hire business he would he put out a shingle well website in this case in which a website named web hacker and he advertised in russian and advertised for the hacking of email accounts without prepayment which is i think good marketing oh this is a file photo thirty company on the incident today and that's his parents okay that's a file that's as a lawyer okay hamilton there you go that's a year ago though so that's that's all right business collected one point one million fees which was used to buy expensive fancy cars driving a house but the thing is he was a dupe basically of the russian security service wasn't a gp was getting you know what he was doing could we find that we we need young canadian heck email delay sees like some silicon valley ceo and he's going to go let you'll giving me money because i am the smartest security aca on the planet that's because of this so he orchestrated the the one of the who breaches i didn't realize that we're multiple ones the yo te overall yahoo loss was three billion accounts right he's only responsible for the first half billion now in twenty fourteen he was named in the indictment charged to russian spies with orchestrating the yahu breach and apparently bar tough used that stolen data to hack journalists business leaders and others so a russian influence so actually i guess what that means is that yahoo breach was all about the russian security services getting the credentials for a few people that they wanted to target and the rest of us we're just collateral damage.

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