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And get a new sign up bonus of up to fifty dollars had a a lot of siblings and the way my mom used to do things was she'd make us go sit it out for like an hour and then she come grab us and then we'd have to face to face to each other and look each other in the eye okay and then like say exactly what we were sorry for and how we were going to improve things okay so in this case like how does antonio brown go to mike. May i look him in the eye this happen i mean is there any way that this can be repaired. What do you think out him. I don't know i mean yes. Six could be repaired. I think things can always be repaired. The problem that they have it is if you let this go and if you tony brown fly and you guys have talked to other people i've talked. That's about it as well. I mean you've now just turned the team loose to do whatever they want to do. Like you. Literally can get into confrontation with your boss. <hes> scream at him. Say say whatever you want and then punt a ball and say find me for vat which by the way. I don't know how trademarks work but i'm claiming the trademark on that right now because i want to sell t-shirts. Yes this on the podcast right. Now i think qualifies as a as copywriting that but <hes> i mean if you if you do that added nothing happens then it just it's. It's a free frost everybody else so i think it does become an issue now. The other thing i heard people discussing today and i mean this. Let's say even worse example is if it is now antonio brown or mike mayock and the raiders organization chooses antonio brown. I mean that's that would be an even worse president. You could possibly choose. I i can see that possibly happening <hes> but listen. It's it's a really really difficult all spa. They put themselves in <hes> it was you know made even worse by the fact that they tried to play good cop bad cop all you know all all season long with antonio brown brown and that may i was gonna come down hard on him and gruner was gonna let him do it every wanted <hes> and that seems do not work either because now gruden today <hes> seem to finally be frustrated that his wits end with everything so <hes> they've let it get to this point and it sucks that they're in this position but they let it get here and <hes> the last thing i starting to say this at the beginning and i got of of course <hes> as i often do but <hes> you go you go into the season with antonio brown if you if you allow this to happen you allow him to play whatever whatever you do suspend them half or whatever they're going to try to do and try to repair the the situation <hes>. It's very very possible and i know that they have higher expectations but it's incredibly possible that they're one in six to start the season. In fact i think on the on the sports book odds board. I think that's the expectation right now that they're going to be one in six in their first seven games. I think they're underdogs in six of the game so <hes> if you allow them tony around the stay and don't do much. How much worse is it going to be when they're one in six. I mean that would be <hes> that would just be a recipe for absolute disaster at that point and this recipe right now is just spelling distraction and so when you look at this team. How do they regroup. Get into the right mindset to go face the denver broncos on monday because that's something that's a head. It's something and they have to do. I think adam you were talking about the numbers. It was pick him when the week started and now i believe the broncos are favored by two and a half. I want to say so wh the make adam just to follow up start. Oh sorry to cut you off because now they're owned thorough in seven then because i think that was the one game <hes> that they were looking at as possibly being a win it so. I don't think there'll be any of their first seven games. Wow all right so there's the numbers on that but yeah okay. How does this team regroup miles. What do they do to get. They're frame of mind right. How big of a distraction is this. When you're heading into the first game of the season trying to prove that you can become this winning culture when the lead the main star this team is causing all this drama well. I think part of it is they're used to practicing without antonio brown right think about all the training camp practices that the didn't have antonio brown for it and that's basically all of them so we're talking about the team drills and everything like that. It's in some ways and not quite similar but go with me here right like andrew lock right. We know that he just retired but at the same time jacoby bruce sets been the one who's been taking all of the reps as the first in quarterback since the spring now. It's not necessarily the same kind of deal with antonio brown but you know the amazon echo brown was not there for every single off season. Practice is certainly was not there for most of all the training camp practices especially when they're doing teams so they they'd been really preparing to not have antonio brown the entire time so in that way. This isn't very much traction. Antonio brown was kind of like ah bonus that you're going to add when you started game planning and then you would see wow this guy really can take us all to the next level so in that way i mean yeah. Would you rather have antonio brown absolutely but are you really up a creek without a paddle without antonio brown in terms of offensive scheme and things like that. I think there's no now again. He's still one of the best receivers in the n._f._l. So he's not gonna floyd that yeah. That's going to hurt their chances of winning but again like they. They know how to game plan without adam okay. So what are the keys to this game miles. Give me the main objective. The raiders need to accomplish to be able to put a w here in their win. Column don't get there are killed. <hes> trent brown colt miller have to be stout at the tackle positions because they have to you really really really good rushers in von miller who's on track to become hall of famer and then bradley chubb who played really well also as a rookie fortunately trent brown at right tackles the one that's going to be going up against von miller at least if we are to believe all the things that have happened in the past are going to happen in the future of von miller usually rushes over the right tackle right so that's going to be trent brown and trent brown probably as offensive lineman on xtra lease on the extra rodney hudson. I guess we give him a good run for his money with that but colton miller is going to have his hands will probably with bradley challenge wasn't colton miller struggled throughout in his rookie season especially when his knee injury continued to get worse so you hope he's healthy <hes> because that's going to be key right if they i can go out there in protect derek carr and give him the time to find open receivers who aren't named antonio brown and also can get push affront to allow josh jacobs. Have those good running lanes then. They're going to be in pretty decent shape. At least. I don't believe very much in joe. Flacco joe echoes not lied to me and i also think wacky things tend to happen in week one especially in that second monday night football game so at this point i almost would still pick the raiders to win win. Why hedge i would still pick the raiders to win. This game is going to be tough yeah. I can definitely see the uphill battle. I think you're right about joe flock. Oh i think we see a lot from clean feral coming off the edge and rushing in there but it's a matter like you said if they're offensive line the battle of wills and design plays low. I think that gunther showed us in the preseason. He has a nice little set. There is some exotic blitzes so i'm looking forward to seeing what happens is in regular season as we know preseason. It's not always what you see so adam. Witty think is a key here for the raiders to get a w. Come monday night i mean i think it's going to be the defense coming together. <hes> quicker than it's expected to. I mean they added a lot of good pieces and i think there's a lot more talent than there was. Last year. I think schematically there a ton better than they were last year and i think the defense by the end of the season could be pretty good but i i think they're key to getting awareness to to find a way to put something together. Defensively i think even with without antonio brown even with the problems on the interior of the office of mind with injuries and suspension in jacksonville cognitive <hes> of those things i i think the offense is going to be a pretty decent at least good enough to win. It's whether the defense can can find find a way to get that cohesion quickly and <hes> and put together a good performance and i think you know starting off the last season <hes> at the coliseum having having a late night monday night you know those fans are gonna be crazy and rowdy and have all day to drink before seven thirty kickoff or whatever time it starts <hes>. It's it's going to be nuts there. So so i mean i think there's a lot of factors going in the favor of the raiders <hes> if you'd kind of throw out this distraction of the antonio brown situation <hes> i think there's a lot of good things work in their direction but it's going to be on the defense to try to win this game and i think there might be some offset downs the hiccups along the way <hes> fitting all those new pieces together and you know and implementing what they wanna do defensively but <hes> i think they can do enough to get this win because <hes> look through the next six games and it's tough to find anymore he i have to i agree with you and this is going to be a very tough game so let's go ahead. We already have miles is a prediction. Is that the official prediction for you miles that the raiders will lose thir first game at home. I said they were gonna win night. High bad my bad listen you. You're you're such a hater and pay this year hi. I'm everybody's gonna pay hike in the city. I haven't shuki dole sent to me and now you're just messing up my prediction now on my bad i bad everybody's gonna pay okay so but here is to adam. Find me for that. Dot com is actually available domain so if you want to you know get it some back miles. Go ahead and add up before adam can get to it. I'm just going to play the role instigator. How about that in your the mic mac to my income though so you could put either find me with a number four or find me spell the word for that dot com either ones.

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