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And transportation and delivery workers, among others. They're being showered by thousands of pounds of shredded recycled paper walk. 10,000 steps a day. You've heard that before. Now, Some are saying that may not help as much as you think more from CBS's Steve Futterman. Fitness trainers have been saying this for years. I want to challenge you to walk at least 10,000 steps every single day. Okay, But is it really necessary? Does it help as much as they say The idea of 10,000 steps began in the 19 sixties in Japan? Recent studies. Those suggests you don't have to walk quite that much 8000 steps or 7500 steps provide newly the same benefits going for 10,000 certainly doesn't hurt, but the additional health gains appear to be minimal. Steve Futterman, CBS News on Wall Street, the Dow closed up 104 points. NASDAQ Up one point. This is CBS News. Indeed, instant match searches through millions of resumes and indeed database to deliver candidates who fit your job description instantly More at indeed dot com slash credit Police look for a serial criminal who they say praise on older drivers that's coming up after real time traffic with Tracy Taylor. You know, 10 minutes ago, Erin I got a text message at 98973 saying, Hey, trace, there's something going on One lane is blocked on Issaquah Hobart Road. He didn't really give me or she didn't really give me an indication on where but I definitely see quite the lion. Between this Kwan heading out to Maple Valley. So if that's where you're headed, be prepared for some long delays there If we had an earlier car fire on Western 16 out near Highway three that is long distance cleared, drivers are still finding themselves stuck in a few places not includes the south and five drive from Northgate through downtown with the Sounders and Mariners Tonight. Drivers are also running into some delays outside of highway team to the dome. And again as we get out of Lakewood when it comes to travel times as well, over an hour from Olympia Tacoma, we're sitting at 52 minutes. From Tacoma to Olympia. Now if we are traveling over on the East side, an earlier record north on four or five just south of 70. It is still taking up the right lane clogging things up coming off of 5 20. But south and four or five remains bumper to bumper at the Bellevue and we're still.

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