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Nine twenty one zero four seven FM. Really really bizarre news about Robert Francis. Beethoven? Bozo. O'rourke now, this is pretty amazing. Imagine any media outlet doing this to Donald Trump. Reuters reported late on Friday night that the reporter who broke the story about Robert Francis O'Rourke belonging to a hacker group had the story for two years made an agreement to sit on the story until after. Aerobic Senate race against Ted Cruz. Then the report published Friday documented or rock symbolic -ment with a hacker group named cult of the dead cow included multiple pass writings from Rourke, some of which were described as disturbing after more than a year of reporting. Well, Joseph men persuaded or Rourke to talk on the record in an interview in two thousand seventeen late 2017 Aurora acknowledged that he was a member of the group on the understanding the information would not be made public until after a Senate race against Ted Cruz, the writer for Reuters said that he learned about his involvement in the group after he decided to write about a hacking story, which he called the most interesting influential hacking group in history. And while I was looking into the cult of the dead cow. I found out that they had a member who was a sitting member of congress. I didn't know which one and I figured out which one and the members of the group wouldn't talk to me about who it was they wouldn't confirm that it was this person unless I promise that I would write about it wouldn't write about until after the November election. He says he approached o Rourke for an interview about the book and told rock Aurora that the book was going to publish after November. And your Senate raises over O'Rourke agreed to give the interview some of his writings were discovered in an online discussion in a forum that started with taco land one piece of the writing a rock was especially troubling as he described mowing down children in a car. I'm not making this up. Yahu news had this up. You know, we're going to go into Brett Kavanagh's high school days. Let's go into Bozo's archive versions of his writings, and you know, under an alias psychedelic warlord, including one that criticized some women as sluts mocked them for having violent boyfriend suggests that the way to deal with these women is to call them completely uglier, inform, Nazis skinheads, I guess in your area and go on from there. And he says another one when he was written as fifteen you know, as a piece of fiction, I was driving home from work. I noticed two children crossing the street, and they were happy to be free of their troubles. The happiness was mind by right? I had earned it site near the young ones. I put my all my weight on my right foot hit the.

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