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Nothing Americans do that may be because we are that think get through intentive me poverty. We are fighting against is of years of history, and so. This idea that popped emetic some. Currently starkly competitive king Ed riddle, you know the the gripe Bozell depre- sham pyro what every Monday, it's it's quite a difficult thing to target more more papers study. Listen, understand that pop culture and music are actually worthy of historical. Research, and he started cool. Discovery, and I am hopeful that that will be the case any better. And I think New Orleans Kitaen victim Malabon and Sydney addenda in over in Australia, assigned to rate is actually people are interested in cities needs tau a move, pluralistic stories, van sows. What's the best way today while through the newsy nothing in Birmingham. I think we could hope for the we could lead the key to Liverpool. But liberals hung upon really debate was much to the annoyance of actually come from there. Shopping would disagree or reducing liberal disable times match that you got a period of from nineteen seventy. I'ts nonce ninety not two thousand from joy, division, two zero. He's not seems to be that. He's as I said, parents, history of fifty sixty years back to people are on the Hamilton, the win this real interesting stories in highway talent at highly shit share that with the world could be grind breaking, but we do need the people who have some influence in the city to understand that unsleeping slowly they are starting to do. I think why did you fall in love the bumming 'cause you're not just somebody who just knows some stuff about Brown. We rob Isley in love with the city that you live in when did it. As a full forty either fifteen. Actually, as you get older you, you just had MO Speights Menard be looking to travel. You know our country for half of travel, the world, Latin. As as you of reminiscent, you look to us anew recall the great time you had all the bands are seen. The bands of grew up with the friends, banning bands in on high music, secret musical a- shy all side. The a change as we've until more annoyance as a girl that Moyano away booming, where's that? Will tech in the Mckee at the language and may thinking what I know more about the city that guys on that cinema Crichton celluloid I. I audio cinemas brightens the surrealist movement. People are doing Jones series aren't. So I knew I knew it was just much more that will always be shown on TV or reading in the press. And what really, I think. If you ask me three restarts pinpoint, the things I do and water became more passionate Bennett is all remember, reading a map of the observers weekly music thing. I did Amisi Everson that and dated of music map of of the country by brands the night put been religiously, mentioned Stevie. Why movie should he just really annoyed on from that mouth Rahman on a decent of. I'm just really frustrated at continually hear negative stories or reading next things about the concrete city about the shoe production about nothing ever happens about crime. 'cause I wasn't a city that was reflected to me all the things always doing the east Krepon city that diet things. Yeah. Let me areas. This this crazy in coach in anywhere you go nature's. He's not my area. So that nature schools. Hole in the manner that where luggage. Musical us football football players, missus. She's got some great food prices, so this coach and creative everywhere. But we never told about that and if you're not sold about and you go nature's his hours, you are told that you mention the more you could. It was Chelsea wouldn't. She's not over my family champs with our lots on, and we're always told you white trash up. You're gonna never gonna change anything, and you keep telling people think achieve anything, not gonna environment and the rallies people might people in Trump's would win to be headteachers in schools in lawyers, record juices records, and I did it always Simon nature's repeat Nixon's hours continue to work this enduring and actually I do. He's true every since especially in Moise the city on a paper from those air, whether it's all they are worth are some of the most creative, a clever innovative forward thinking, people write a Nygaard, do great things with it's in business in culture in arts science, and we are just, we just sold in this..

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